Mukunda Maala Sloka 29





In this verse KulaSEkharAzhvAr addresses Manmatan and asks him not to engage in mischief with the AzhvAr. AzhvAr asks Manmata to stay away from his mind which is already housing the Lotus Feet of SrI kRshNa bhagavAn.

AzhvAr reminds manmata of the terrible consequences he suffered when he tried his mischief on Lord Sivan. AzhvAr reminds manmata of the fact that he got reduced to ashes when the angry Sivan opened his third eye. So AzhvAr tells manmatan that the latter should even more wary of attempting any mischief with him, for manmatan would become the object of wrath of the mighty sudarSanam in the the Lord’s Hand.

“Manmata, you already are known as ananga i.e. The one without a body, because of Siva’s anger. Do you still want to incur the wrath of the powerful sudarSana AzhvAr in my Lord’s Hand?”. KulaSEkharAzhvAr thus challenges¬†Manmatan.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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