Floods in Lord Devanathan Sannadhi at Thiruvahindrapuram


Thiruvahindrapuram_Swami Desikan_Vasanthotsavam_2013_002

On September 6, 2013, due to heavy rains, there was floods inside Sri Devanathan Temple, Thiruvahindarapuram. By the grace of Sri Devanathan and Sri Hemambhujavalli Thayar, the Bhattars, Kainkaryaparas and Bhagawadas were quick to react and narrowly escaped from a big catastrophe.

While a couple of the victims were pulled out of the debris, unfortunately one lost his legs. Also one person attained paramapadam after 30 minutes search in the middle of the heavy downpour. He was working at the Lord Hayagreva hill issuing darshan tickets. He was caught in the flood when he was getting down through the footsteps.

The following are some of the photographs & videos taken yesterday during the heavy rain around 7:30 pm. The video show the water gushing into Sri Devanathan Sannidhi.
Flood Thiruvahindrapuram_00Flood Thiruvahindrapuram_01

Courtesy: Sri Echampadi Vakulabharanan

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  1. Very very sad news… Wonder why perumal allows all this. Hope the archakas and other bhagavatas are safe and sound. Adiyen’s prayers at the feet of Thayar and Devanayakan to give sadh-gathi to the departed atma.

  2. It is really unfortunate that such a calamity has happened claiming a life and injuring some. We have no words to console the bereaved family. Request Anudinam site to run a donation campaign to help the family of the person who died on duty. The temple management also should be exhorted to give some compensation even though it may not compensate the irreparable loss to his family.
    My heart goes to the person who has lost his limbs and he also should be given some compensation.

    Sincere request to Anudinam site to help in doing the above . Prayers to PerumAl and ThAyAr to grant the eternal bliss to the departed soul.


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