Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 34 & 35


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Sloka 34

The anugraham of Lord Varadarajan to the Raaja Hamsam


Oh Hamsam! Your Master Brahma devan presented with great bhakti the havis to the Lord in the aSvamedha Yaj~nam that he performed at Hastigiri. PeraruLALan accepted it joyously and enjoyed it thoroughly. Our Lord’s glories are matchless. Listen to them:

He stays as the eye of the universe and shows us all things. We comprehend every thing with the help of the VedAs. He is the sacred eye of all the assemblies of the VedAs. The activities of the Veda Mantrams are under His control. For the VedAs to see Him and enjoy Him, He becomes their eye as well. Blessed indeed are the human eyes that have the bhAgyam of seeing Him. He shines as the embodiment of that bhAgyam. When you prostrate before Him, His merciful glances will fall on you. Your experience at that time would be like a flood of nectar flowing through You. His glances will reveal the depth of His affection for you. Those kaTAkshams have the power to grant all the boons that His devotees desire. Casting His cool glances on you, He will accept you as His own dear one.

Swamy Desikan is deeply immersed in the anubhavam of the dayA kaTAksham of Lord VaradarAjan and salutes those KaTAksham with nectarine words: “abhimata vara sthUla lakshai: kaTAkshai:”. His staying as the blemishless eye of the assembly of Veda mantrams is saluted as: “Sruti parishadAm suddham cakshu:”. That Lord is recognized as the bhAgyam for one’s eyes: “cakshushAm bhAgadheyam”. His joy as the Yaj~nabhug is saluted by the choice words: “savana havishAm sAra AsvAdI”.

Perundevi Thayar

Sloka 35

The Kaimkaryams performed by the Swan to PeraruLALan


Oh Swan friend! After PeraruLALa PerumAl has cast His benevolent glances on you, there is one kaimkaryam that you have to perform for Him. In the evening times, He would go to the nandavanam behind His dear consort’s residence and spend joyous times with Her (Perumdevi tAyAr) there. He will take enjoyable walks with Her. When He roams around with Her, He will hold on to Her left hand with His right hand and His divine consort will be overcome with the joy of that sparSam (touch) and Her hands will become moist with buds of sweat. At that time, Her hand will look like a lotus dipped in honey. PeraruLALan will place sportingly a lotus flower on His devi’s right hand. You might arrive at Kaanci during the evening time, when the divya dampatis will be strolling in Their nandavanam. If so, please take the form of a fan and offer fan kaimkaryam for the divya dampatis. His fatigue will diminish as a result of your kaimkaryam. You belong to the category of birds and therefore you wont cause any embarrassment to Them during your fan kaimkaraym. The anta:pura servants wont intrude on such occasions and therefore you will have the entire field open for kaimkaryam available to you.


A beautiful picture of the ekAnta sevA of the divya dampatis of Kaancipuram is presented by Swamy Desikan in this Slokam.

“deva: madhu Asaktam sarasijamiva svinnam devyA: hastam AlambamAna: tat itara kara nyasta lIlA aravinda: ArAma bhUmau svairam viharet”.

He is Deva rAjan, DevAti devan. He chooses to enjoy the company of His devi in ekAntam and chooses the flower garden with the lotus pond as the place to sport with His devi. Out of His great love for His devi, He holds Her left hand with His right hand in the sampradhAyic manner as a newly wed Purushan. Perumdevi tAyAr is overcome with that joyous experience and buds of sweat arise on Her hand (svinnam hastam). Her hand takes on the appearance of a lotus flower dipped in honey (madhu Asaktam sarasijam iva).

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam Sloka 35 Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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