Theppam Prathistai at Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Sannadhi



Today, 9th of September 2013, morning, after Anugjai, Kumba sthabanam, rituals were conducted at the Ekadasi Mandapam of Sarangapani Thirukkoil. Visthara Homam was conducted. After the Maha Poornahuthi, the Kumbam was taken in procession with mangala vadyam within the Praharam of the Temple and the Noothana TheppamĀ Prathistai was done by the Battachar. After the prathistai, Vedha Satrumurai and Prabandha Satrumurai was conducted and the morning function of the Noothana Theppam Prathistai was completed.

Today evening, the Utstavar Sri Aaravamudhan with Sri Devi and Sri Boomi Devi thayar will be blessing the devotees from Noothana Theppam at 6 pm.

Details of the Theppotsavam can be read from: Noothana Theppam Prathistai at Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Sannadhi

Some of the photos taken this morning during the Noothana TheppamĀ Prathistai and the rituals, can be viewed below:

Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_00 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_04Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_01 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_06 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_09 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_11 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_16 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_21 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_23 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_28 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_32Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_33 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_37Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_36 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_42 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_43 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_44 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_45 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_47 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_50 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_52 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_56 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_58 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_62 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_63 Theppam_Prathistai_Aravamudhan_64

Courtesy: Sri Raghavasimhan, Sri Amuthan Kainkarya Sabha

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