Mukunda Maala Sloka 34


sri krishna


Prayer to Sri Krishna for Protection

Meaning :

After praying for SrI kRshNa’s protection in the previous verse (hE kRshNa mAm raksha), SrI KulaSEkhara is slightly worried that SrI kRshNa may not have been listening to him. So he amplifies his appeal for protection in this verse.

The AzhvAr addresses SrI kRshNa with these endearing names, “hE bhagavan, hE harE, hE vishNO, hE ananta”.

By the name, “ananta” he implies that is impossible to determine the svarUpa- lakshaNam, location and His origin. HE is beyond space and time.

AzhvAr asks the viSva-vyApi (vishNu) to take pity on him and protect him. He says, “vishNO sa tvam anAthE mayi kRpAm kuru”. ie “O sarva-antaryAmi, who is celebrated in the vEda-s! I am an orphan. Please have mercy on me who has no other recourse.”

“HE bhagavan mayi prasIda!” is the next appeal by the AzhvAr. “O Lord, Who is full of kalyANa-guNa-s like balam, vIryam, tEjas etc.,.please show me Your compassionate face and bless me. You are the one who removes all the sorrows of your devotees.”

“Tvam param kAruNika: kila?” – “Aren’t You the One Who gives all boons, out of Your Big Heart? “

“dInam mAm uddhartum arhasi, tvam purushOttama: asi, sa tvam prasIda”, prays the AzhvAr. “I am a feeble weakling struggling in the sea of samsAra. You are the Supreme Being. Therefore please ferry me across the fierce ocean of samsAra. You have all these attributes (SA: tvam). So please help me without hesitation.” prays the AzhvAr here.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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