Singanallur Sri Ulagalanda Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam: Day 3&4


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As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Ulagalanda Perumal Thirukkoil at Singanallur, Coimbatore which commenced on September 7, 2013, perumal had purappadu in Sesha Vahanam on September 10th, 2013. On the following day (September 10, 2013), Thirukalyana utsavam took place for Perumal and Thayar. Perumal and Thayar also had purappadu on Gaja vahanam and Chandra Prabhai respectively on the same day.

As mentioned earlier, this year, the celebration will be special as the temple has new vahanams for veedhi purappadu. Vahana puja for all the new vahanams was performed on September 1, 2013 (Sunday) by bhattars from Srirangam. Veda parayanam and Prabanda ghoshti also took place.

For previous days’ utsavams, please visit Singanallur Sri Ulagalanda Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam Celebrations

For utsava pathrigai and other details, please visit Brahmotsavam at Singanallur Sri Ulagalanda Perumal Thirukkoil

The following are some of the photographs taken during Sesha Vahanam and Thirukalyana Utsavam…

Sesha Vahanam (Septmeber 10, 2013)
Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_00 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_01 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_02 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_03 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_04 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_05 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_06 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_07 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_08 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_09 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_10
Thirukalyana Utsavam (Septmeber 11, 2013)
Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_11 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_15 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_18 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_19 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_21 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_22 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_23 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_24 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_25 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_27 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_28 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_29 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_30 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_31 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_32 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_33 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_35 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_36 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_37 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_38 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_39 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_40 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_41 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_42 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_43 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_44 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_45 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_50 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_52 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_53 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_55 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_57 Singanallur_Brahmotsavam_58


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