Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 40 & 41

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Sloka 40

Hamsa Sandesam 40

Visit to the nIlI vanam at TiruveLLaRai


Oh Swan friend! After worshipping the divya dampatis of TiruveLLaRai and receiving Their blessings, please do not forget to visit a forest there. That forest will always provide cool shade. It will be vast in area. It will have a dark hue like that of the Lord because of the dense population of trees. This forest is protected by a Raakshasi by the name of NeelI and prevents it from being harmed by anyone or anything. The beauty of the NeelI Vanam does not therefore diminish in beauty. The women of deva lokam prefer the NeelI Vanam over their own nandavanams and come here for enjoying it. Please see this vanam with Your eyes and you will come to the conclusion that this vanam is better than the one at Indra lokam.

Sloka 41

The Kaimkaryam done by the wind to Manmathan


Dear Swan friend! Please hear more about the greatness of this NeelI Vanam. There are a lot of areca nut groves in this forest. There, you will see with your own eyes, the kaimkaryams performed by the wind to Manmathan, the love god. The lifting of the pollen dust by the wind from the flowers of different colors and the spreading of them over the sky would look like the spreading of a multi- colored canopy over Manmathan (nAnA kusuma rajasA citram vitAnam kurvan). When the wind sways gently the white kamukA flowers in that forest, it will be like the gentle fan service with the kamukA flower fan to Manmathan (pALikA cAmarANi mrdu vicalayan). When the wind blows strongly and scatters the flowers on the floor of the forest, it would be like a soft carpet made up of strewn flowers (pushpa jAlai: kshamAtalam pAda nyAsa kshamam avakiran) for Manmathan to walk over softly. You will thus see the many kaimkaryams to the god of love with the five flower arrows made up of lotus, aSokam, mango, jasmine and black neytal) in this NeelI Vanam.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam 40 Hamsa Sandesam 41

Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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