Mukunda Maala Slokas 36 & 37

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Sloka 36


Sloka 37


Many Beautiful names of Sriman NArAyanan


While the AzhvAr is reciting the nAma-nirmalam of SrIman-nArAyaNa, he is bemused by the unfortunate who do not engage in calling the many names of  SrIman-nArAyaNa such as:

  1. SrI-nAtha (husband of lakshmI)
  2. vAsudEva
  3. kRshNa
  4. bhakti-priya
  5. cakra-pANi
  6. padma-nAbha
  7. acyuta
  8. kaiTabhAri
  9. rAma
  10. padmAksha (the lotus-eyed)
  11. hari
  12. murAri
  13. ananta (the One Who is not limited by time)
  14. vaikuNTha
  15. mukunda
  16. gOvinda
  17. dAmOdara
  18. mAdhava

The AzhvAr points out those human beings, although capable of reciting the wonderful names of SrIman-nArAyaNa, do not make an effort to do so; because, their minds are filled with pursuit of perishable pleasures of the world, which eventually result in sorrow only.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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