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Aavani Thiruvonam Swami Desikan Purappadu at Thoopul

Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_09

Today September 16, 2013; Vijaya varusha Aavani Thiruvonam, purappadu for Swami Desikan took place in a grand manner at the avathara sthalam of Thoopul. The following are some of the photographs taken during the purappadu earlier today…

 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_01 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_02 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_03 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_05 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_06 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_07 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_11 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_12 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_13 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_14 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_15 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_16Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_08 Aavani Sravanam_Thoopul_09 Photo Courtesy: Sri Balaji Vijay

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