Mukunda Maala Sloka 39




Salutations to KsheerAbdhinAthan


Here the AzhvAr visualizes the parama-pada-nAthan at His other abode – the Milky Ocean, as kshIrAbdi-nAthan. This association of vaikUNTha-nAthan resting on Adi-SEshan comes to AzhvAr’s mind as he is standing before SrI Ranga-nAtha at the bhU-lOka-vaikuNTha-kshEtram.

He offers his praNAmam to that mangala-mUrti reclining on His serpent bed in the following way: “madhuvidvishE mAdhavAya nama:” He offers his salutation to the slayer-of-the-madhu demon, Who is none other than mAdhavan – the Lord of SrI-dEvI.

AzhvAr visualizes mAdhavan at SrI-ranga-kshEtram as the One Who is resting on  Adi-SEshan.  While  He is resting on Adi-SEshan  in the  Milky  Ocean, sprinkles of milky waves fall on HIS body and glisten up as little stars! The sight of His beautiful blue-hued body with drops of milk resembling brilliant white star-specks thrills the AzhvAr and he cries out in ecstasy over that beautiful vision.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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