Pavitrotsavam at Thenthiruperai Divya Desam



Pavitrotsavam was conducted grandly for Sri Makara Nedung Kuzhai Kaathan at ThenThirupperai Divya Desam. This year’s Pavitrotsavam was conducted for 3 days between 15th to 17th of September 2013. Recently, on the 14th of July 2012, Mahsamprokshanam of Rajagopuram, Vimanam and archa murthis of Sri MakaraNedung KuzhaiKaathar Thirukkoil was conducted, photos of which can be viewed in following links:

Some of the photos taken during today’s Pavitrotsavam can be viewed below

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Then Thiruperai Nigaril Mugil Vannan

3 kms North East of Thiru Kolur off the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur highway is the big Nigaril Mugilvannan temple at ThenThiruperai, with the Lord seen in a majestic seated posture facing East. Goddess Lakshmi was upset that Lord Vishnu was spending more time with Bhoodevi and not with her. She shared this grievance with Sage Durvasa and also wanted the same colour and beauty as Bhoodevi.  Durvasa, who then met with Bhoodevi, was angered at her disregarding his presence and cursed her to take the same form and colour as Sridevi. While undertaking penance at this place on the banks of Tamaraibarani, she found two fish shaped ear rings and offered it to the Lord. The Lord who wore this came to be known as ‘Makara Nedun Kuzhaikathan’. Since Bhoodevi had taken the form and colour of Sridevi (as a result of the curse), this place came to be called SriPerai/ThiruPerai.

Having been defeated by the Asuras, Varuna (the Rain God) lost his chief weapon (he had earlier insulted his Guru and hence this fate) and undertook penance here. Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared before him on the full moon day in Panguni and helped him recover his lost weapon as well as his powers. As a mark of this episode, it is believed that Varuna, visits this temple, every year, on the full moon day in the month of Panguni (March-April) to worship Vishnu.

Nammazhvar’s Praise of Nigaril Mugil Vannan

நகரமும் நாடும் பிறவும் தேர்வேன்
நான் எனக்கு, இல்லை என் தொழ்மீர்கால்
சிங்கார மணி நெடு மாடம் நீடு
தென் திருபெரையில் வீற்றி இருந்த

மகர நெடுங்குழை காதன், மாயன்
நூற்றுவரை அன்று மங்க நூற்ற
நிகர் இல முகில்வண்ணன், நேமியான், என்
நெஞ்சம் கவர்ந்து எனை ஊழியானே

The lord of Then Thiruperai is surrounded by mountain like jewel mansions.
He is Makara Nedung Kulai Kathan, one who is seen wearing Makara Ear Rings.
He is the Lord who killed a 100 Kauravas.
He is the one who stole my heart long long ago.

Deity : Makara Nedung Kuzhai Kaathan, Nigaril Mugil Vannan East facing Sitting Posture
Goddess : Kuzhai Kaathu Valli, ThiruPerai Naachiyar(Separate Sannidhis)
Azhvaar : NammAzhvaar 11 Paasurams(3359-69)
Temple timing : 730am-12noon and 5pm-830pm

For Detailed Sthala puranam of Navatirupathi visit:

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