Pushpa Yagam at Sri Oppiliappan Thirukkoil


Sri Oppiliappan pushpa yagam

On September 18, 2013, Pushpa Yagam took place at Sri Oppiliappan Temple for Sri Bhoomi Devi Thayar and Sri Oppiliappan (utsavar). Earlier, Vijaya varusha Pavithrotsavam took place at the temple between September 13th and 16th, 2013. On the concluding day, there was Udaya Garuda Sevai purappadu along with Sri Bhoomi Devi Thayar. (For photographs, please visit Sri Oppiliappan Temple Pavithrotsava Udhaya Garuda Sevai and Theerthavari

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavams…

Pushpa Yagam

Sri Oppiliappan utsavar perumal and thayar Sri Oppiliappan utsavar perumal and thayar1Sri Oppiliappan pushpa yagamSri Oppiliappan utsavar perumal and thayar2 Sri Oppiliappan utsavar perumal and ubhyanachiyars


Sri Oppiliappan Garuda Sevai1Sri Oppiliappan Garuda Sevai2Sri Oppiliappan Thayar1 Sri Oppiliappan Thayar2Sri Oppiliappan Temple Swami DeikanSri Oppiliappan Pavithrotsavam Sri Oppiliappan Pavithrotsavam1Sri Oppiliappan Pavithrotsavam2Sri Oppiliappan Temple Swami Deikan1
Photo Courtesy: Sri Vijayaraghavan

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