Pavithrotsavam at Poundarikapuram Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple


The Vijaya Varusham Thirupavithrotsavam at Poundarikapuram Sri Rukmani Sathyabhama Sametha Sri Rajagopala Swami Templer has scheduled to be celebrated for 3 days from 27 to 29 September,2013. All are invited to attend the Thirupavithrotsavam at Poundarikapuram. The
following is the invitation (patrikai) for the Pavithrotsavam.

Poundarikapuram is a small village located near the temple town of Kumbakonam. Nestling among the fertile fields, nurtured by the soothing waters of the river Kaveri, the village, although small in size, is great in name and fame.
In fact, the village derives its name from Poundarika, a special type of yaga. Ayya Kumara Tata Desika, who was the Rajaguru to the ruler of Thanjavur, performed this special yaga in Vennar Bank near Thanjavur, about three hundred years ago. This village was set up and named Poundarikapura, in commemoration of this special yaga.

Poundareegapuram Pavithrotsavam  2013-00
Poundareegapuram Pavithrotsavam  2013-01 Poundareegapuram Pavithrotsavam  2013-02

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