Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam


Thoopul Swami Desikan

On the occassion of Swami Sri Vedanta Desikan’s thirunakshatra mahotsavam going to be held grandly this year on October 13, 2013, the following is an article by Sri PV Satakopa Thathachar Swami. During the days of Swami Desikan, some did vaadham (debated) that anushtanams can be left. But Swami Desikan proved them wrong and insisted that anushtanams have to be performed everyday. Swami has given us a Raksha Granthams with all pramanas from Shastras. But Swami Desikan felt it is not enough to give Granthams alone, so he observed those anushtanams even in Archa roopam. One can witness this at Thoopul from next Friday (October 4, 2013) till Swami Desikan’s thirunakshatram, the anushtanams performed by Swami.

அச்சாவதாரத்தில் தொடரும் அனுஷ்டானம்

Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam1 Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam2Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam3 Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam4Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam5 Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam6 Archavatharathil Thodarum Anushtanam7Thoopul_1

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