Krishna: The Victorious – Comic Series (Part 7)


sri krishna

This short story series is about Krishna Avatharam. Readers are requested to refer to the original authentic text along with these drawings for clarity and detailed insight. There could be some deviation in these comic drawings in terms of authenticity. Nevertheless, the intention is to provide an eye-opener to the children through this section.

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The following is the story about Krishna The Victorious…

Krishna The Victorious_00 Krishna The Victorious_01Krishna The Victorious_02 Krishna The Victorious_03Krishna The Victorious_04 Krishna The Victorious_05 Krishna The Victorious_06 Krishna The Victorious_07 Krishna The Victorious_08 Krishna The Victorious_09Krishna The Victorious_10Krishna The Victorious_11 Krishna The Victorious_12

Krishna The Victorious_14 Krishna The Victorious_15 Krishna The Victorious_16 Krishna The Victorious_17 Krishna The Victorious_18

Krishna The Victorious_20 Krishna The Victorious_21 Krishna The Victorious_22 Krishna The Victorious_23Krishna The Victorious_24Krishna The Victorious_25 Krishna The Victorious_26 Krishna The Victorious_27 Krishna The Victorious_28

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