Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 50 to 52


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Sloka 50

Hamsa Sandesam 50

The wealth of PaaNDya nADu


The PaaNDya nADu is very fertile. Rain falls three times a month there and the crops thrive under such ideal conditions. There is a reason for the unfailing rains. Once upon a time, a PaaNDyan king did penance and received weapons from Lord Sivan, captured the clouds and put them in prison. All the kings who were born in his kulam had the same power. Knowing the power of these kings and remembering their incarcerations, (kArA AvAsa smaraNa cakitai:), the clouds fear of causing any harm to them by their misbehavior and make sure that they rain regularly on PaaNDya nADu and keep it abundantly fertile and wealthy. The villages and the cities of PaaNDyA kingdom vie with ALakApuri, the capital of Kuberan, in wealth. Many great and pious souls live in this PaaNDya nADu (puNya AvAsai: manDitAn). Oh Swan! May you cross the PaaNDya nADu as you enjoy these distinct displays of wealth!

Sloka 51

The glories of the River tAmraparNI


Oh Dear Swan! In PaaNDya nADu, you will come across tAmraparNI river. Many pearl producing Oyster shells will be visible in the tAmraparNI river beds. The pearls will exit these shells in big numbers and will stay as heaps (mounds). These mounds on the banks of the river will resemble the sandy dunes on the river. The mounds of pearls by the side of the river remind one of the sky filled with the assembly of stars at night. The famous stage, who has his home in Podiya Malai is Agastyar. He has the reputation of consuming ocean in a sip (Acamanam). SAstrAs say that all the rivers of the southern land become clear during the time of rise of Agastyar during sarat rtu. That sage is living close to the tAmraparNI river and that proximity makes the waters of the river clear forever (niyata viSadam pAnIyam). Oh Swan! When the sacred waters of tAmraparNI fall on you, your whole body will shine like a blemishless pearl (muktA mayatvam pariNamayitA). You will have a healthy, disease free body.

Sloka 52

Hamsa Sandesam 52

The sukham gained from tAmraparNI prior to crossing the ocean


Oh dear friend Swan! After leaving the banks of tAmraparNI, you would have to fly long distances over the ocean. Therefore, I suggest that you rest for a while on the banks of tAmraparNI. The lotus blossoming on the river will remind you of the face of your lady love. Your heart will be delighted. When you approach this lotus and engage in light banter, you would feel as though you tasted with desire the nectar from the mouth of your lady love and you will feel elated (sarasija mukha AsvAda samprIta cetA:). As the gentle winds (malaya mArutam) blow and the waves from the river gently touch your body, you experience the delightful and thrilling feeling of the tight embrace by your lady love (taraLa laharI bAhu samSleshaNena SItibhUta:). You will then climb and rest on the sandy shoal of the river. That will remind you of the sukham of union with your lady love. The scented breeze from the sandal forests will blow at this time and that will remove all the fatigue from your long flight and also refresh You from the fatigue resulting from Your union with your lady love (SrAntim SAntim gamayatu).

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam 50 Hamsa Sandesam 51 & 52

Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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