Mylapore SVDD Pavithrotsavam Concludes With Mahapoornahuti (Part 2)


SVDD Pavithrotsavam_07

On September 14, 2013, Vijaya varuhsa Pavithrotsavam at SVDD Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Mylapore, Chennai concluded with Mahapoornahuti.

For Part 1 photographs, please visit the following link:

Sriyahpatti Sriman Narayanan is identified through Vedam and Vedam is Emperuman. Vedam reflects Sriman Narayanan and vise versa. It is considered as Sriman Narayana’s breath. Like a shadow, Vedam follows Emperuman and He is present where Vedam is chanted. He is Prayed and invited through Chatusthana Archanam ie., in four ways namely- through Bimbam, Kumbham, Mandalam and Agni. While performing the nitya-naimitya karmas for whole year, many known and unknown Lobhams [shortcomings/wrongs] happen and this¬†Pavithrotsavam is conducted as Samvatsara Prayaschitam in order to purify and bring back the Sandhidhyams. Vedam is Anadhi and lays down rules of dos and donots for Dharmam. Karmakhandam in Yajur Vedam speaks of Yaga Sambhandam. Thiruvaimozhi is sung in Praise of Emperuman and Vedam is God Himself. All Vedas are chanted druing the¬†Pavithrotsavam at SVDD.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the evening of the concluding day of Pavithrotsavam…

SVDD Pavithrotsavam_01 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_04 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_05 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_06 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_08 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_09 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_10 SVDD Pavithrotsavam_11

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