Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Mahotavam at Srirangam Ul Desikan Sannidhi


Swami Desikan’s 746th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam will be celebrated grandly at Ul Swami Desikan Sannidhi in Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy koil. The Mahotsavam celebrations starts on the 7th of October and concludes on the 17th of October 2013. Swami Desikan Sannidhi is located opposite to Sri Ranganachiyar Sannidhi inside the Srirangam Temple. Everyday there will be Prabhanda and Veda Parayanam. On the 12th of October, special Thirumanjanam will be performed to Sri Hayagreevar and Swami Desikan.

On the Thirunakshatram day (13th of October 2013) there will be special purappadu and Sattrumurai.

Last week, on September 22nd, 2013, Vijya Varusha Puratasi Ashwini, HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan did samarpanam of Rathna Hastha Mudhrai Kavacham (Vyakhya Mudhrai) at Ul Swami Desikan Sannidhi in Srirangam, photos of which can be viewed here: Rathna Hastha Kavacha Samarpanam by HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar at Srirangam Ul Swami Desikan Sannidhi

Swami Desikan was conferred the title of Sarva Tantra Swatantra (master of all arts, one with the capacity for independent thinking and originality in any field), by Ranganayaki thayar Herself, and Swami was adorned with the title Vedantachariar by the Lord of Srirangam Sri Ranganatha. Swami Desikan has contributed immensely to the Sri Vaishanva Sampradayam. Swami Desikan has done enormous kainkaryam to Sri Ranganatha and Sri Ranganayaki Thayar including His works of Sri Ranganatha Paduka Sahasram and Sri Abhithi Stavam.

Astikaas are requested to be present in large numbers for the Mahotsavam and receive the blessings of Swami Desikan, Sri Ranganayaki Thayar and Lord Ranganatha.

Detailed Utsavam schedule can be read below

Srirangam Ul Desikan Sannidhi_Purattasi UtsavamUl Swami Desikan_1 Ul Swami Desikan_2Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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  1. Very much thankful to the magazine editers and others. We are being reminded about the Acharyars and Alwars thirunakshathrams regularly. I feel this magazine is bringing us closer to the Acharyars and Alwars. Thanking you once again for the great work you are doing.

    Komalavalli s

  2. ஆசார்யாள் பெருமாள் எல்லாரையும் தினமும் மனசு அதைர்யபடரப்பல்லாம் கண்ணார மனசார சேவிக்க முடியரதுங்கறது பெரிய குடுப்பனை. அப்பிடிப்பட்ட குடுப்பனைய பக்தாளுகெல்லாம் ஏற்படுத்திக் கொடுக்கற அனுதினம் சைட்டுக்கும் அதை நிர்வாகம் பண்றவாளுக்கும் கோடி பிரனாமங்கள்

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