Rajagopura Kainkaryam for Injimedu Temple


Bhumipuja for Rajagopuram construction of Sri Perundevi Naayika Sametha Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Injimedu was done on May 12th 2013. Injeemedu, also known as Sri Narasimhapuram, is located on the banks of Cheyyar (Bahunadhi) 24 km from Vandavasi and 140 km from Chennai and was established by Sixth Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Matam Sri Shasta Parankusa Yatheendra Mahadesikan. This is the birth place of two of the Jeeyars of Sri Ahobila Math: the 34th Pontiff Sri Sadagopa Ramanuja Yatheendra Mahadesikan and the 42nd Pontiff Sri SriRanga Sadagopa Yatheendra Mahadesikan.

Injimedu Sri Sriranga Sadagopa Kainkarya Sabha, is appealing to Aastikaas for contribution towards the construction of Rajagopuram at Injimedu Temple. Details of the appeal and bank details can be read below

Injimedu Rajagopuram_1Injimedu Rajagopuram_2

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