Mylai Peyazhwar Mangalasasanam at Thiruvallikeni



Today (October 1, 2013), the annual utsavam of Mylai Peyazhwar offering mangalasasanam at Thiruvallikeni took place in a grand manner. Peyazhwar had purappadu in Muthu Pallakku from Mylapore to Thiruvallikeni starting 2:30 pm in the afternoon. On reaching the junction of Thelia Singa Perumal Theru and Therku Mada Veedhi, Sri Parthasarathy Perumal’s Shatari mariyadai for Peyazhawar was offered to the Azhwar. Thereafter, mangalasasanam took place at Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Sannidhi followed by purappadu for Sri Parthasarathy and Peyazhwar together on the Mada veedhis of Thiruvallikeni. Peyazhwar then took Piriya Vidai (leave) from Sri Parthasarathy Perumal at night and reached Mylai at around 11 pm.

For the detailed pathrigai, please visit Mylai Peyazhwar Mangalasasanam at Thiruvallikeni and for last year’s coverage, please visit ThiruMailai Peyazhwar Thiruvallikkeni Mangalasanam

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Peyazhwar Pallakku Purappadu From Mylai

Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_00 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_01

Sri Parthasarathy Perumal and Sri Peyazhwar Purappadu at Thiruvallikeni

Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_03 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_04 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_07 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_11 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_24 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_14 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_23Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_17 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_05 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_18 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_10 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_25 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_09 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_06 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_07 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_15 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_19 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_16 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_12 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_13 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_20 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_21 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_22 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_02 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_26

Mylai Sri Peyazhwar Sannathikku Ezhundarulal

Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_28 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_27 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_29 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_30 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_31 Peyazhwar_Mylapore_Thiruvallikeni_32 Photo Courtesy: Sri Kannan and Sri Mylai Hari

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  1. I was blessed by Acharyas and Emperuman Sriman Narayanan,the Supreme Brahman, to have Divya Darshan of Peyazhwar,Sri Parthasarathy Perumal and Swami Desikan (Thiruvallikeni) in the Mada Veethi.
    I want to share my anubhavam(experience) with other Chetanas.Since it was Ekadasi yesterday,I went to Sri parthasarathy temple.On the way in T.P.Koil street I had darshan and Satari of Peyazhwar.Then I went to the temple and Darshan of Emperumans i.e Acharyas,Kothanda Raman Sannathi,Sri Ranganathan(Mannathan)Sri Parthasarathi,Moolavar and Utsavar,Thayar sannathi,SriNrisimhan sannathi,Sri Gajendra Varadarajan sannadhi and Sri Andal.The unexpected Darshan of Peyazhwar and Swami Desikan shows that only due to their Nirhethuka Krupa they would bless me even though I am neither a bakthiman nora kaingaryapara to them.(last year also the same thing happened)But yesterday I never expected the Darshan of Azhvar and Acharya.
    This memory will last ever in my mind.Once again I thank anudinam .org


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