Malaiyur Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Purattasi Punarvasu Thirumanjanam


Malaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Thirumanjanam2

On September 29th, 2013, Purattasi Punarvasu Thirumanjanam for Malaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy was performed on a grand scale to grace the auspicious Purattasi Mahothsava month which signifies the appearance of Lord Venkateswara to protect and preserve this Universe. Seetha Lakshmana Hanumath Sametha Malaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Moolavar and Utsavar were adorned with silver kreetam donated by Malaiyur Veeravalli Sri Raghunatha Chariar.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

Malaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy ThirumanjanamMalaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Thirumanjanam1Malaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Thirumanjanam2 Malaiyur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Thirumanjanam3Courtesy: Sri R. Sridharan

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