Modern Mathematics in Ancient India ( ப்ராசீன பாரதத்தில் நவீன கணிதம் ) – UpanyAsam


Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Kannan Swami-02

Upanyasam on “Modern Mathematics in Ancient India (ப்ராசீன பாரதத்தில் நவீன கணிதம்)” will be delivered by Sri.U.Ve Dr. Navalpakkam Kannan (Yagnam) Swamin organised by Veda Dharma Samrakshana Sabha. The upanyasam will be deliverd over phone on Saturdays (USA) / Sundays (India).

First upanyasam in this series will start on Saturday, Oct 5th 2013 (USA) / Sunday, Oct 06th 2013 (India). Upanyasams will be in a mix of Tamil and English. Math terms, concepts etc. will be in English with explanations / vyAnkyAnams in Tamil.

Date and Time:
USA : Saturdays, 09:15 PM to 10:20 PM (EDT)
India : Sundays, 06:45 AM to 07:50 AM (IST)

About Sri.U.Ve Dr. Navalpakkam Kannan (Yagnam) Swami

Vamsam Navalpakkam Chaturveda Satakratu Tatacharya

Kalakshepa Acharyans
  • Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Somayaji Narayana Thathayarya Mahadesikan
    (Paternal Grandfather).
  • Sri U Ve Tarka Ratnam, Nyaaya Vedaanta Kesari, Madurantakam T.E.Veeraraghavacharyar Svami
    (Maternal Grandfather)
Father Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Varadachariar Swamy
(Sri Varada Taataarya Mahadesikan)
Father In Law Sri U Ve Asukavi Sarvabhauma Villur Srinidhi Svami.
  • “Rahasyaartha Kovida” by Srimad Srimushnam Andavan, Sri Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikan
  • “Jnana Nidhi” by the Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melukote, Karnataka, India.
  • Awarded the degree honoris causa “Samskrita Sevavrati” by Rashtriya Samskrit Samsthan, Delhi.
Kalakshepa Audio Srimad Rahasya Traya Saram, Subhashita Neevi, Sri Lakshmi Sahasram, etc.
Books and other works
  • Veda Vaibhavam in Tamil – 3 Volumes – 1000 Pages
  • VyAkyAnam for Sri Lakshmi Sahasram in Tamil – 1000 pages
  • Arana Desikanin Ayiram ArivuraikaL, a compilation of 1000 pieces of advice from Svami Desika. (500 published so far).
  • Sanskrit poems broadcast by All India Radio, 30 items
  • One hundred articles in Sanskrit, Tamil & English in various Sri Vaishnava magazines.
  • Presently, Professor of Mathematics at Central University, Hyderabad.
  • Formerly, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Central University,Hyderabad from 2006 to 2011. Vice-Chancellor in-charge for several months
Distinctions in Mathematics
  • President of Indian Mathematical Society (1992-93)
  • UGC National Lecturer (1985-86). Delivered lectures in 100 colleges in India.
  • F.A.Sc. (Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences founded by Sir C.V. Raman).
  • F.N.A. (Fellow of Indian National Science Academy).
  • Totadri Iyengar Award for excellence in mathematics (2004)
  • ISCA Srinivasa Ramanujan Award from the Prime Minister of India (2006).
  • Author of a book (research) published by American Mathematical Society (1980) and of sixty research articles in international journals.
  • Supervisor of twelve Ph.D. students.
Activities for Govt.of India
  • Chairman, Swarna Jayanti Fellowship Subject Committee, Dept. of Science &Technology.
  • Member, Science Advisory Committee of Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD), Govt. of India.
  • UGC Nominee for some institutions. Govt. Of India’s nominee in the Board of Governors / Executive Councils of some educational institutions.
  • Advisory committee of DST INSPIRE Program, SAARC-IGNOU Olympiad Program, etc

    Courtesy:Sri Veeravalli Raghunathan

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    1. Hi,

      The above Teleconference is really very useful and certainly interested in joining the same. I would like to get the conference bridge # for me to dial in from Canada. Can you please share me the same.


    2. I wish to have the treasure of books [Veda Vaibhavam and Vyakyanam for Sri Lakshmi Sahasram] authored by Sri Dr Navalpakkam Kannan Swamin and request you to furnish the address from where I can get the books.

      I also wish to submit my humble suggestion and request Sri Swamin to consider to publish his article Modern Mathematics in Ancient India in book form.

      Adiyen, Dasan
      K.S. Narayanan

    3. I was lucky to listen to this lecture and thanks to a swami who gave me this link through face book.
      This upanyasam was very great.I was his student in Central University Hyderabad in 1989-91 and was listening to only mathematical subjects like Real Analysis.
      Please provide his e-mail and I want to write to him
      srinath nallan chakravarthy dasan


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