Pillaiandathi – Paasurams 8 and 9



Shri Kumara Varadarya was Swami Desika’s son. He learnt all the meanings under Swami’s thiruvadi and was Swami’s ardent disciple. At the peak of his Bhakti, Shri Kumara Varadarya has shared all the greatness of Swami as experienced by him. This great work is in Tamil and is called Pillai Andhadhi.

Pasuram – 8



Oh insignificant ones, who are deeply immersed in the evanescent life of this terrible samsAra and miss out on the opportunity to enjoy mokshAnandham! You are getting lost in the labyrinth of SamsAram and are moving quickly towards narakAnubhavam. Let me reveal you an upAyam to escape the roaring ocean of samsAram. Please listen carefully. The means to escape from the samsAric ills is to seek refuge at the feet of Swami Desikan and worship his sacred feet with bhakthi.

Pasuram – 9



Those prapannAs, who sought refuge at the sacred feet of Swami Desikan, the Bhagavatha SrEshtA born in Thuppul and known for his unfailing attachment to Sri RaamAnujA of limitless kalyANa guNAs will be characterized by respect for bhagavathAs, modesty, sadhAchAram, sathsangam, bhootha dayai, Dushta sahavAsam, false knowledge, asoucham (unclean status) will stay far away from them. Therefore, perform prapatthi to Swami Desikan and become enlightened and lead the ideal life of a prapannA.


This verse is related to the 32nd paasuram of RaamAnuja NooRRandhAthi. The thiruvadi sambhandham of Swami Desikan is pointed out as a cure to the dhoshams of samsArA and the means for the acquisition of auspicious attributes associated with the PrapannAs.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be continued…

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