Pillaiandathi – Paasurams 14 and 15



Shri Kumara Varadarya was Swami Desika’s son. He learnt all the meanings under Swami’s thiruvadi and was Swami’s ardent disciple. At the peak of his Bhakti, Shri Kumara Varadarya has shared all the greatness of Swami as experienced by him. This great work is in Tamil and is called Pillai Andhadhi.

Pasuram – 14



Oh the Lord of ThUppul without any blemishes what so ever! adiyEn does not have the bhAgyam of demonstrating direct bhakthi at Your feet. adiyEn also does not have the good fortune to serve those Bhaagavathaas, who are close to your sacred fee . Under these circumstances, adiyEn wonders about what will motivate you to come to my rescue. adiyEn has to concede that the power of Your sahaja karuNaa alone, which flows like water in high grounds defying gravity, can alone save me. There is no other rescue for me.


Through this paasuram, the author prays to Swamy Desikan to stay in the upayAnthara sthAnam and grant him sathgathi. His prayer is like that of Madhura KavitoSwamy NammAzhwAr (thEvu maRRaRiyEn). Swamy Desikan alone is sufficient for KumAra VaradAcchAr as SiddhOpAyam.

Pasuram – 15



Oh Swamy eulogized by the whole world as the mangaLa dheepam of the kulam of ThUppul! adiyEn has no other means except your krupaa (ananya gathi). adiyEn is powerless to know what is beneficial (hitham) for me. Therefore, please decide for adiyEn, what is hitham for me. Please banish both my puNyams and paapams. Please bless me with the Jn~Anam of Thirumanthiram that deals with the triad of Svaroopa nishtai, upAya nishtai and PurushArtha nishtai.


The three nishtais associated with Thirumanthiram are covered in yet another e-book on Thirumanthira Churukku. The author prays to Swamy Desikan to choose what is hitham for him. The references here are to Desika Sri Sookthi vachanam: “yannmanyasE mama hitham tadhupaadhadheethA:” and Thirumangai’s paasura vaakyam: “Thaay ninaintha kanRE okka”.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be continued…

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