Pune Sri Balaji Mandir Navarathri Utsavam – Day2


Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_03

Navaratri Utsavam is being celebrated grandly for 10 days at Sri Balaji Mandir in Pune. During this utsavam, in the mornings, Thayar Thirumanjanam is performed. During the evening, Sri Perumal and Thayar will be at the Kannadi Arai in different alankarams for the Perumal every day. 

Daily, there are music and dance programs by various artists. On Vijayadasami day, Lord Sri Balaji will come on Kudirai Vahanam (Horse Vahan) and perform “Ambu Podutal” utsavam in the evening. 

Some of the photos taken during day 2 of the utsavam (October 6th 2013) can be viewed below

Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_00 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_01Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_02 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_03 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_04 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_05 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_06 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_07 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_08 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_09 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_10 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_11 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_12 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_13 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_14 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_15 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_16 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_17 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_18 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_19 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_20 Pune Balaji Mandir_Navarathri_21

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