Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshatra Utsavam At Srirangam – Day 3


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Today October 6, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Chitrai, was Day-3 of the 634th Tirunakshatra Mahotsavam of Srimath Adivan Sathakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan at Srirangam Sri Ahobila Mutt. On this day, Periya Thirumozhi Parayanam was done along with Veda Parayanam. Today’s highlight was the offering of a beautiful gem-studded crown for Swami Desikan and a pair of Karnapathrams. Karnapathram is an ornament that covers the entire ears. We shall have the bhagyam of seeing Swami Desikan adorning this during the 746th Thirunakshatram at Ul Desikan Sannidhi which starts tomorrow (October 7, 2013). Sri Ranganachiyar’s Navarathri celebrations commenced yesterday and She will be happy when Her favourite child adorns these ornaments. The Divya prabhandha parayanam will start at 3 pm at Swami Desikan Sannidhi which is bang opposite Thayar Sannidhi. Parayanam at Sri Ahobila Mutt  will commence at 8 am tomorrow.

Srimath Adivan Sathakopan was the Sanyasa Thirunamam of Kidambi Srinivasacharya who donned the mantle as the First Srimath Azhagiyasingar in Bahudanya, Purattasi Sukla Panchami day (September 1398). Sri LakshmiNrisimhan who took the form of an old sanyasi gave shanku, chakram for doing samashrayanam and the Thridandam from SriRamanujacharya’s archa Thirumeni. When Srimath Adivan Sathakopa Jeeyar prayed to the NavaNrisimhas of Sri Ahobilam with outstretched hands Sri Malolan, (Lakshmi and Nrisimha in mutual embrace with Lakshmi seated on Perumal’s lap with Ananthan onthe hood and Garudan at their feet) came on the hands of Sathakopa Jeeyar. When the divyadesavasis saw Malolan’s anugraham on the Jeeyar, they did samarpanam of AhobilaKshetram to Adivan Sathakopa Mahadesikan and became the shishyas of Sri Ahobila Mutt.

Next to call our first Srimath Azhagyiasingar  in His dream was Nammazhwar who commanded Sathakopa Jeeyar to come to Azhwar Thirunagari. The first Vijaya Yatra of Srimath Azhagyiasingar started with Sri Malolan. On the way, the Malola Parivaram stopped at villages and towns and many devotees took Samashrayanam and Bharanyasam and became shisyas. While travelling, Grantha Kalakshepam was done. The entourage reached Azhwar Thirunagari but no Nammazhwar was found. Following the footsteps of Madhurakavi Azhwar, Sathakopa Jeeyar did anusandhanam of Kanninum Siruthambu and got Nammazhwar Sakshathkaaram. Nammazhwar Prathishtai was done and Nammazhwar blessed Sathakopa Jeeyar and named our first Srimath Azhagyiasingar as Van Sathakopa Jeeyar and to this day all Srimath Azhagyiasingars have Van Sathakopan attached to their Sanyasa Thirunamams.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_00 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_01 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_02 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_04 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_08 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_09 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_12 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_13 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_14 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_15 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_16 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_20Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_21 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_22 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_24 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_25 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_26 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_28 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_30 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_33 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_35 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_36 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_37 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_38 Srimath Athivan Satakopan_Srirangam_39

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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