Pillaiandathi – Paasurams 18 and 19



Shri Kumara Varadarya was Swami Desika’s son. He learnt all the meanings under Swami’s thiruvadi and was Swami’s ardent disciple. At the peak of his Bhakti, Shri Kumara Varadarya has shared all the greatness of Swami as experienced by him. This great work is in Tamil and is called Pillai Andhadhi.

Pasuram – 18



Oh the embodiment of Mercy for the up liftment of the chEthanams of this world! Oh divine One, who incarnated at ThUppul for us to worship You as our God! Oh Lion among poets and Logicians (Kavi Thaarkika simham)! You have destroyed the life of Prathivaadhis by defeating them soundly. Please grant this boon for adiyEn who stands before You with anjali mudhra. This prayer of adiyEn is to be blessed with devotion for those MahAnubhAvans, who have sought Your sacred feet as refuge.


The prayer is again the PurushArtha Kaashtai of Bhaagavatha Kaimkarya Praapthi as in RaamAnuja NooRRandhAthi (Unn thondarkkE anpuRRirukkumpadi yennai AatpadutthE). Another thing to recall here is: Swamy NammAzhwar’s humble viNNappam to the Lord at the beginning of Thiruviruttham (mey ninRu kEttaruLAi). The author of PiLLai andhAthi gets himself few levels in humility and brings both the hands together and seeks the boon (iru kaiyum koopi uraikkum ivviNNappam onRu kELAi).

Pasuram – 19



Oh Desikaa! May Your sacred feet worshipped with affection by all, the countenance adorning the smile linked to Your krupaa for Your sishyaas, the vyAkyAna mudhrai bearing hand that symbolizes the teaching of all tatthvArthams, the ThirumaNN Kaapu serving as the embodiment of the Lord’s sacred feet, the TuLasi and the Lotus bead necklaces along with the sacred thread to give You Brahma tEjas– the unique aspects of Your Thirumeni–May they all be imprinted in my mind always!

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be continued…

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