Srirangam Ul Swami Desikan Sannidhi Thirunakshatram Utsavam: Day 3


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Today, Vijaya Purratassi Anusham, October 10th 2013 was Day-3 of Sri Nigamantha Mahadesikan’s Tirunakshatra Mahotsavam at UL Desikan Sannidhi Sri Rangam.  At 2.30pm Veda Parayanam and Tiruvaymozhi Parayanam was done. Among the 4000 Azhwar Pasurams Tiruvaymozhi occupies pride of place. It is the Tamil equivalent of Sama Vedam and is a Kalakshepa Grantham.  Bhaghavad Vishayam is Tirukkurugaipirran’s 6000 padi Vyakhanam of Swami Nammazhwar’s Tiruvaymozhi.  Satrumurai, Theertham, Sri Sathari and Prasada Viniyogam (Vangi-bath – Brinjal-rice, and appam) were over by 4.30pm.   Sri Ranganayaki’s Navarathri Purappadu took place at 5.30pm. She in all Her magnificence blessed every devotee present and made everyone happy.

Venkatanatha, who took avatharam at Thoopul about seven and a half centuries back as Vishnu’s Ghanta delighted everyone who happened to have darshana soubhaghyam (the good fortune of seeing Him).  Annaprasannam, Abdhipoorthi (first birthday) were performed yatha kramam. When Venkatanathan was taken to Perundevi Thayar and Varadaraja Perumal Sannidhi on his birthday the archaka swamin predicted that Venkatanathan would be a Darshana Sthapakar like Ramanujacharya. The proud parents were pleased to hear this. At the age of five Swami’s Aksharabyasam was done by Ananthasuri. Venkatanatha was taken to Perumal Koil where Nadadur Ammal’s Kalakshepam was going on. On seeing this child with divine efflugence, Nadadur Ammal stopped the lesson and gave his kataksham to Venkatanatha.and enquired about this child.  His shishyas informed that this child was Kidambi Appular’s nephew and was an avatharam of Tirumalaiappan’s Ghanta. When Kalakshepam was resumed no one was able to remember where they had stopped. When the five year old Venkatanatha pointed out the topic under study, so happy was Ammal that he hugged the child and blessed the child predicting that Venkatanatha would master all Vidyas and put Vishistadvaitham on a firm footing.  He asked Appullar to teach the child basic Sastras as also Sri Bashyam and other Rahasyarthams.  Thus began Venkatanatha’s Vidhyabhyasam.

Some of the photos taken during Day 3 of the utsavam can be viewed below:

Srirangam_Swami Desikan_00 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_01 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_02 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_03 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_04Srirangam_Swami Desikan_06 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_10 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_15 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_16 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_05 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_07 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_08 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_09 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_11Srirangam_Swami Desikan_21 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_12 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_13 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_14 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_17 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_18 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_19 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_20 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_22 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_23 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_24 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_25 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_26 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_27 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_28 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_29 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_31Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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