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Melkote Sri Selvapillai At Sri Ahobila Mutt For Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshatram

HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_24

Today, October 10, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Kettai, Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshtra Mahotsavam was celebrated at Sri Ahobila Mutt, Melkote in a grand manner. This year the Thirunakshatram utsavam is special as HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan, along with Sri Malolan parivaram sametha are at Melkote Sri Ahobila Mutt as part of the Sancharam.

In the morning, Thiruvaradhanam took place well followed by Thirunakshatra Malai mariyadai for Srimath Azhagiyasingar. Thereafter, Srimath Azhagiyasingar offered mangalasasanam at Sri Narasimhan Sannidhi, Thirnarayanapuram (uphill). There was special alankaram for the archa vigrahams of Srimath Adivan Sathakopan at His Brindavanam, Sri Ahobila Mutt at Mekote (downhill).

Sri Sampathkumaran (Sri Selvapillai) along with ubhaya nachiyars, the utsavamoorthis at Sri Thirunarayanar Perumal Temple, had purappdu till Sri Ahobila Mutt to bless Srimath Adivan Sathakopa Jeeyar and HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, presently at Melkote, with malai mariyadai. At Ahobila Mutt, Sri Selvapillai and ubhaya nachiyars were at the mandapam opposite the Brindavanam of Srimath Adivan Sathakopan.

For morning Thiruvaradhanam and Thirunakshatra Mariyadai for HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar, please visit Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshatra Utsavam at Melkote

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The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Sri Selvapillai At Sri Ahobila MuttHH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_18 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_14 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_21 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_16 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_17 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_19 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_20 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_15HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_24 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_27 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_23 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_25 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_26 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_22

HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar Mangalasasanam At Thirunarayanapuram Sri Narasimhan Sannidhi

HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_1 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_2 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_3 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_4 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_5 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_6 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_8 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_9 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_7 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_10 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_12 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_13 HH 46th Azhagiyasingar_Melkote_28Photo Courtesy: Sri Diwakar Kannan, Sri Venkateshan, Sri Seshadri Rajagopalan and Sri Pazhaveri Sriram

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  1. Kindly convey me the availability of accommadation for our one day stay on 3rd May 2014 at Melkote for our plan myself and wife- 2 people at Melkote .Any Guest House or Devasthanam stay houses or Ahobila Mutt stay rooms .

    R Balakrishnan & B Usha

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