Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshatra Utsavam at Melkote


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Today, October 10, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Kettai, Srimath Adivan Sathakopan Thirunakshtra Mahotsavam was celebrated at Sri Ahobila Mutt, Melkote in a grand manner. This year the Thirunakshatram utsavam is special as HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan, along with Sri Malolan parivaram sametha are at Melkote Sri Ahobila Mutt as part of the Sancharam.

About Sri Adivan Sathakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan: Srimath Adivan Sathakopan is the first Acharyan of Sri Ahobila Mutt lineage. It is difficult to enumerate the upkarams done by the first Srimath Azhagiyasingar. Three of Perumal’s avatharas are considered Poornavatharas – Sri Narasimha, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. Compared to the other two, Sri Narasimha took avatharam and completed protection and destruction in a matter of hours. Yet Sri Narasimha avathara is Poornam. The Upanishadhic Sarvavyapitham (complete pervasiveness) is best illustrated in this Avatharam. Here the bhaktha is more glorified than Bhaghavan. Lovers of Sri Narasimhadeva however feel that enough has not been told about their beloved Lord. In answer to their prayers, He comes down as Srimath Azhagiyasingars who are always there to protect us and take us to Mokshanandam at the end of our life.

His first Anupravesham was on Siddharthi Purattasi Jyesta (1379 September) in the holy kshetram of ThiruNarayanapuram (Melkote) in Karnataka. HH was initiated to Sanyasashrama by Ahobila Sri LakshmiNrusimha who assumed the ochre robes and administered the Prekshamantram. HH was the first Srimath Azhagiyasingar with the Thirunamam Adivan Sathakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan.

Srimath Adivan Sathakopan, after accepting Malolan’s command at Sri Ahobilam, visited Azhwar Thirunagari with Sri Malolan only to discover that Nammazhwar’s Divyamangalamurthi was missing. Following Nathamuni’s footsteps, HH did 12,000 times chanting of Kanninum Siruthambu and found Nammazhwar’s Divyamangalamurthi. HH was called “Van Sathakopa Jeeyar” from thence. The Adi is from Adipiran and HH was called Adivan Sathakopa Jeeyar. Swami Nammazhwar gave the Hamsa Mudrai which is the official seal of Sri Ahobila Mutt. “Sri Sathakopa Sri” is how Srimath Azhagiyasingars put their signature. The prakrutam HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar adorned the Hamsa Mudrai on 23rd May 2013 during His Pattabhishekam. Nammazhwar’s Hamsa Mudrai is the heirloom of Sri Ahobila Mutt which represents the symbolic assumption of the Azhagiyasingar mantle. Azhagiyasingars are accorded special maryadai at Azhwar Thirunagari during Nammazhwar’s Thirunakshatram celebrations in Vaikasi. Such then is our sambandham with Nammazhwar.

Among the many kainkaryams performed by Srimath Adivan Satakopan are

  • Swami Sri Desikan Sannidi and Raja Gopuram for Thirunarayanapuram temple
  • Steps for Tirumala
  • 100 pillar hall at Kanchipuram
  • Repair Srirangam wall
  • Dasavathara Sannidhi with Sannidhi for Thirumangai Azhwar
  • Swami Sri Desikan Sannidi opposite to Ranga Nachchiyar sannidhi at Srirangam

This Azhagiyasingar initiated Sri Manavala Mamunigal into Sanyasaasramam. HH Adivan Sathakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan was in asthanam for 60 years. HH attained Paramapadham in Bahudanya Chitra Krishna Ekadashi (1459).  His Brindavanam is at ThiruNarayanapuram (Melkote).

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today morning…

Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_05 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_03 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_10 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_04 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_09 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_11 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_06 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_00 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_02 Melkote_Ahobila Mutt_01 Photo Courtesy: Sri Venkateshan and Sri Pazhaveri Sriram

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  1. Aho Bhaghyam! Aho Bhagyam! with anudinam’s selfless kainkaryam …….like this soul…there are, so many souls got blessing through this coverage….Dhanyosthmi!!!! melum, melum.. indha kainkaryam thodara Sri Acharyan and Sri Malolan Khadhaksham anudinathinathirku….ANUDINAMAMUM Arula Prarthikindrom – dasan,adiyarkuluku adien…..


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