Swami Desikan Avatara Mahotsavam at Mylapore SVDD – ThiruTher



Today Morning, October 12th 2013, during Day 9 of Swami Desikan Varshika Mahotsavam, Thiruther took place around Mylapore. Thousands of devotees participated in the thiurther and had the blessings of Swami Desikan. The 10-day concludes tomorrow, October 13, 2013. For detailed pathrigai, please visit Swami Desikan Avatara Mahotsavam at Mylapore SVDD

Earlier Yesterday evening,  Tirupavai Satrumurai, and pre Ther [chariot] Kalasam was mounted on Ther. This kainkaryam is carried out by a person who is picked up among many as members of SriKainkaryaSabha of SVDD. This time it is Chi Venkatakrishnan. With lot of trumpets , vadyams and nadaswaram, the kalasam was taken within the temple and then mounted on the top of Tiruther.

For previous day’s utsavam photographs, please visit

The following are some of the photographs during Thiruther

Yesterday Evening

SVDD_Ther_0000 SVDD_Ther_0001

Today Morning

SVDD_Ther_02 SVDD_Ther_03 SVDD_Ther_04 SVDD_Ther_05 SVDD_Ther_11 SVDD_Ther_12 SVDD_Ther_15 SVDD_Ther_48 SVDD_Ther_19 SVDD_Ther_13 SVDD_Ther_22 SVDD_Ther_21 SVDD_Ther_25 SVDD_Ther_27 SVDD_Ther_28 SVDD_Ther_34 SVDD_Ther_35 SVDD_Ther_36 SVDD_Ther_09 SVDD_Ther_38 SVDD_Ther_40 SVDD_Ther_42 SVDD_Ther_43 SVDD_Ther_44 SVDD_Ther_45 SVDD_Ther_47 SVDD_Ther_51 SVDD_Ther_52 SVDD_Ther_62Courtesy: Sri Sampath S Rangan

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