ThiruVelukkai Navarathiri Utsavam For Sri Amruthavalli Thayar: Day 7



As part of the ongoing Navarathri Utsavam for Sri Amruthavalli  Thayar at Thiruvelukkai, Kanchipuram, Day 7 utsavam was celeberated yesterday (October 11, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Moolam). Sri Amruthavalli Thayar and Sri Mukundanayagan along with Ubhaya Nachiyars had purappdu in the evening. Sri Mukundanayagan gave Sevai in Kalinga Narthana Krishnar Thirukkolam. Several Astikas are participating in the utsavam to get the Blessings of Sri Amruthavalli  Thayar and Sri Mukundanayaga  Perumal.

Vijaya Varusham Navarathri Utsavam for Sri Amruthavalli  Thayar is taking place in grand manner at Thiruvelukkai, Kanchipuram since 5th October and will carry on till October 13, 2013.

Some of the photos taken during Day 7 are as follows:

ThiruVelukkai_03 ThiruVelukkai_06 ThiruVelukkai_07 ThiruVelukkai_09 ThiruVelukkai_11 ThiruVelukkai_14 ThiruVelukkai_15 ThiruVelukkai_16 ThiruVelukkai_19 ThiruVelukkai_20 ThiruVelukkai_21 ThiruVelukkai_23 ThiruVelukkai_24 ThiruVelukkai_25 ThiruVelukkai_27 ThiruVelukkai_28 ThiruVelukkai_29 ThiruVelukkai_34 ThiruVelukkai_35 ThiruVelukkai_36 ThiruVelukkai_37 ThiruVelukkai_38 ThiruVelukkai_39 ThiruVelukkai_40 ThiruVelukkai_41 ThiruVelukkai_44ThiruVelukkai_30 ThiruVelukkai_31 ThiruVelukkai_33 ThiruVelukkai_45 ThiruVelukkai_46 ThiruVelukkai_48 ThiruVelukkai_49 ThiruVelukkai_51 ThiruVelukkai_53 ThiruVelukkai_55 ThiruVelukkai_56 ThiruVelukkai_57 ThiruVelukkai_59 ThiruVelukkai_61 ThiruVelukkai_62 ThiruVelukkai_65 ThiruVelukkai_68 ThiruVelukkai_69 ThiruVelukkai_70 ThiruVelukkai_71 ThiruVelukkai_72 ThiruVelukkai_73 ThiruVelukkai_74 ThiruVelukkai_75 ThiruVelukkai_76 ThiruVelukkai_77 ThiruVelukkai_80 ThiruVelukkai_82 ThiruVelukkai_83 ThiruVelukkai_84 ThiruVelukkai_85 ThiruVelukkai_86 ThiruVelukkai_87 ThiruVelukkai_88

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