Srirangam Ul Swami Desikan Sannidhi Thirunakshatram Utsavam: Day 7 (Purattasi Thiruvona Thirunaal)


Srirangam_Swami Desikan_076

By the benedictions of Srimath Azhagiyasingar the 7th Day celebrations of Thoopul Nigamantha Mahadesikan’s 746th Tirunakshatram went on well. Today October 13th 2013; Vijaya Purattasi Sravana Nannal was celebrated grandly at Ul Desikan Sannidhi at Srirangam. Sunday morning  at 7.00 am, Veda and Prabanda parayanam started at about 8.15 am. Swami Desikan was brought lovingly by Desika Bhakthas outside the sannidhi. While temple officials with police stood by the side, Desika bhakthas lead by Aradhakar Swami Mukkur Devadhi Rajan chanted Swami’s important stotras and prabhandhama begining with “Gnana Nanda Mayam Devam.” The pride  and devotion of the bhakthas was palpable in the fervour of the chanting in which everyone including ladies joined.  Like NamPerumal and Nammazhwar, Swami is Nam Desikan and we cannot do enough to repay our debts to Swami. No subject or aspect of Vishistadvatha has been left and every work explains the Prappathi Margam. Chamarams were waved continuously, archana was done with flowers and Karpura Harathi was offered at the end of each stotram. (the first and last verse of important stotras were said.) the devotees went inside. Swami Desikan was brought inside and placed on the dolai and the curtain was drawn for Thaligai offering. After this Vishesha(special) Satrumurai took place. Yajur Vedam and Sama Vedam chanting was done in sonorous  synchronisation and offered to Swami Desikan.  (Veda Vinnappam). Important slokams were chanted from Narayana upanishadh, Apath stamba dharmasutram, Srimadh Ramayanam, Sri Vishnu Puranam, Srimadh Bhaghavadh Githa, Srimadh Bhaghavatham, Ahobila Mahatmyam, Alavandar Stotra Ratnam, Sri Bashyam,Adhikarana Saaravali, Sri Geethartha Sangraham, Srimadh Rahasyatrayasaram, Sri Padhukasahasram, Yathiraja Sapthathi, Saptathi Rathnamalika Srimadh Adivan Sathakopa Vaibhava Chandrika and Sampradaya Prakasha.

This was followed by Thiruppavai, Periya Thirumozhi, Thirkurunthandakam, Thirunedunthandakam, Thiruvaymozhi, Bhaghavadh Vishayam, Dramidopanishad TatparyaRatnavali, Ramanuja Nuttranthathi. Addaikalapathu, Adhikara Sangraham, Prabhandha Saram, Pillaianthathi Adivan Sathakopa Adaikalapathu and Sri LakshmiNrisimhan Adaikalapathu (important slokams). This was followed by Arula padu and Sathrumurai. Theertham, Sri Sathari and prasada viniyogam (Cashew cake, Badusha, kesari and Pulihore). By about 10 am the celebrations were over and everyone left satisfied and proud to belong to Ramanuja  Desika Sampradhaya. Vedantha Desika! May Thee Live another 100 years !

Some of the photos taken earlier this morning, videos to be updated soon…

Srirangam_Swami Desikan_000Srirangam_Swami Desikan_002 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_004 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_005 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_006 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_007 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_011 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_012 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_014 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_016 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_018 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_019 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_020 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_022 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_024 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_031 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_032 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_036 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_038 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_045 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_063 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_076 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_078 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_079 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_080 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_081Srirangam_Swami Desikan_084 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_082 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_083 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_086 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_087 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_088 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_089 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_090 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_091 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_092 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_093 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_094 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_095 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_096 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_097 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_098 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_100 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_103 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_104 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_106 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_115 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_118 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_122 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_124 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_125 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_126 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_134 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_136 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_141 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_151 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_157 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_159 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_160 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_161 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_162 Srirangam_Swami Desikan_163

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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