Today Purattasi Thiruvona Thirunaal – Thirunakshatram of Thiruvengadamudayan and Swami Desikan



Today October 13, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Thiruvona Thirunaal (Sravanam), is the avathara Thirunakshatram of Tirumala Thiruvengadamudyan and Swami Vedantha Desikan.

Vaibhavam of Swami Vedantha Desikan:

ஸ்ரீமாந் வேங்கட நாதார்ய: கவிதார்க்கிக கேஸரீ!
வேதாந்தாசார்ய வர்யோ மே ஸந்நிதத்தாம் ஸதாஹ்ருதி!!

ராமாநுஜ தயாபாத்ரம் ஜ்ஞாந வைராக்ய பூஷணம்!
ஸ்ரீமத் வேங்கட நாதார்யம் வந்தே வேதாந்த தேசிகம்!!

Seven hundred and forty six years back on a Purattasi Sravanam day when Tirumalaiandan’s Thirunakshatram was being celebrated Thoopul gave the greatest of gifts to mankind. On this auspicious Thiruvonam Thirunal in Thiruthankal Divya Desam Tirupathi Srinivasan took avatharam in the Pavitra Vishvamitra Gothram as the son of Anantha Somyaji and Thotharambal.  In the agraharam of Thoopul which was so called because the sacred Darbha grass was plentiful, this couple lived according to the sastras. Anantha Somyaji was a panchakala parayanar and the couple spent their time in Bhaghavath and Bhaaghavatha aradhanam. One night The Lord of the seven hills blessed the couple in their dream and asked them to come to Tirumala and declared that they would be blessed with SathSanthanam (Good children who would follow the right path). Kaliyuga Deivam is Venkantanayaka and Venkatachalam has no equal. The dampathi from Thoopul came to Tirumalai and had darshan of Perumal after taking bath in Swami Pushkarni and completing their nityanushtanam. That night they stayed in Tirumala. That night Srinivasa came as a boy  in their dream and said that they would be blessed with a Putra Ratnam who would be the upholder of Ramanuja Darshanam. Tirumalaiappan gave a bell to Ananthasuri with instructions that Thotharambha had to swallow the bell. Thotharambha did so and conceived and in Vibhava Varsham Purattasi Thiruvonam day when theerthavari was on in Tirumalai a boy with great Tejas was born. The Thirumani of Tirumalaiappan had taken avatharam and was named Venkatanatha (Swami Desikan). Annaprasannam, Abdhipoorthi (first birthday) were performed yatha kramam. When Venkatanathan was taken to Perundevi Thayar and Varadaraja Perumal Sannidhi on his birthday the archaka swamin predicted that Venkatanathan would be a Darshana Sthapakar like Ramanujacharya.

Swami Vedantha Desikan’s contribution to the VisishtAdvaita Srivaishnava philosophy [Bhagawath Ramanuja Darsanam] in the proper evaluation of the theories and concepts of all schools of thought and rejection of those which are opposed to those of his system i.e. Vedanthic and Vedic religions, can’t be described in words. There is no name in the world of Sanksrit literature and philosophy combined like the name of Vedantha Desika.

He is the one who makes all those who surrender to His feet- as Mahadesikan. He is simply phenomenal. Scholars who lived during Swami Desikan’s period also mentioned that Swami is an adhubutha avtar. He is a vidwAn- few said. He is a great intellect few said. He is the greatest poet; some praised. He is our fortune to establish firmly the VisishtAdvaita- some said. Every one said, based on the extent they understood Swami.

Swami Vedantha Desikan, we can boldly say was the greatest intellect India has ever produced. He appreciated Vedic philosophy. He was philosophical; and religious; His thoughts were moulded by the writings and teaching of his Poorvacharyas, the galaxy of them- right from Sri Sathakopa muni (NammAzhwAr), Nathamuni- Yamunacharya- Ramanujacharya- and others. He was a very faithful follower of his master- Sri Ramanuja. He built a fortress around the philosophy of Ramanuja so well; that none can dare enter. He had fullest conviction in the teachings and followings of Ramanuja. He was a lion among poets and logicians. He was a poetic genius. He had the mastery over languages and could use them very effectively to communicate anything he had visualised. But he never went astray with his poetic skills and license and adhered to nothing but the philosophy of VisishtAdvaita. He was the greatest logician, developed logic to argue vidhaNdAvaadhis, he entered into hair-splitting discussions and dialogues in his works when he had to explain the various Vedic Upanishadic and other purAnic works. His works are about 120 in number. The subjects are varied. But the soul of these works is the same.. i.e. Ramanuja darsanam. He wrote original works in Sanskrit; also commented on the works of his Acharyas- namely Yamunacharya and Ramanujacharya. He wrote sthothras, kaavyas, drama, prose etc.. His style is inimitable for its depth of ideas, sweetness, simplicity and ease; it is majestic, sometimes tough. He was a great admirer of Adhikavi Vaalmeeki and Kalidasa. His poetic work Hamsa sandhEsam, though similar to Kalidasa’s mEgasandhEsam, is original in many respects. Daya sathakam is a unique composition wherein he personifies grace (Divine grace- daya), without which Lord’s other qualities are of little value and help to suffering mankind- Swami says. AbhIthi sthavam is an invocation for the Lord’s protection from evil forces from both within and without. His GodhA sthuthi is a piece of place of great lyric beauty and merit and talks of Sri GodhA’s influence with the Lord through love and Desikan’s surrender to Her compassion.

If Nathamuni retrieved the holy collects, if Yamunamuni propounded it, if Ramanuja muni expounded it, it was given to Vedanta Desika to systematize it!

Swami Desikan was conferred the title of Sarva Tantra Swatantra (master of all arts, one with the capacity for independent thinking and originality in any field), by Ranganayaki thaayar Herself, and Swamy was adorned with the title Vedantachariar by the Lord of Srirangam Sri Ranganatha. Each and every Jivatma, especially Srivaishnavas should be grateful for the upakarams done by Swami Desikan to our sampradayam and should keep meditating on Him and his works.

There is a grand Utsavam being celebrated at Thoopul and Kanchipuram today, during which Swami Desikan visits Devaperumal at Kanchi and does Mangalaasaasnam. Utsavam photos will be updated later this evening. Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram utsvam is being celebrated grandly in many Divya Desams and Abhimaana Sthalams, photos of which can be viewed from Temple events section in anudinam. Tirumala Brahmotsavam for Thiruvengadamudayan was celebrated grandly for last 10 days and concludes today with Chakrasnanam.

Thirunakshatram day celebrations begin with Special Thirumanjanam being performed last night for Swami Desikan at Kula Mani Mantapam in Thoopul. Some of the photos taken during Thirumanjanam…

Thoopul_Swami Desikan_37 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_46 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_51 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_55 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_57 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_58 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_63 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_66 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_75 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_79 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_83 Thoopul_Swami Desikan_85

More photos and Videos from Thirunaksharam celebration of Swami Desikan will be updated today from Kanchi and other divya desams…

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