Thiruthetriambalam Sri Pallikonda Ranganatha Perumal



This Divya kshetram is located closer to Tirunangur and 8 Kms by road from Sirkazhi. This is one among the 11 Tirunangur Divya desams.

The moolavar is Senkanmaal also known as Pallikondan in a reclining posture (“Kidantha Thirukkolam”), Bhujanga sayanam facing east and Thayar is Senkamalavalli enshrined in a separate shrine. In order to convey bagavathas that the one explained in the Vedas is none other than Himself, the vimaanam is called Vedha Vimaanam.

Hiranyasura, an asura concealed the Bhoomi in the Badala Lokam. Devas and Rishis appealed to Shriman Narayana to recover Bhoomi and keep it in its original trojectory. Conceeding their request Shriman Narayana took the form of Varaha Avathar. Mahalakshmi, who was disappointed by this appealed to Shriman Narayana that She always wanted to be in His chest and that She would be deprived of Her privillage if MahaVishnu were to take Varaha Avathar. Adisehsa also wondered in confusion about his fate. Shriman Narayana consoled them and said that all would be in the interest of the earth and that only good things and deeds would prevail. TempleFront
He advised them to go to Palasa vanam where Siva also would join them and meditate for Him. He assured them He would come to Palasa vanam after killing Hiranyasa to grant them Anugraham. He also assured Them, that His ardent Bhaktha, Bashyakara along with 108 learned Vaishnavas would perform Aradhana and that He would safeguard the Earth from there throughout Kaliyuga. He took the Varaha Avathar, went to Badala Lokam and destroyed the demon Hiranyasura and positioned Earth in its appropriate location in the orbit. Learning this, Mahalakshmi and Adiseshan went to Palasa vanam and did Thapasya. Shriman Narayana, as promised went to Palasa vanam and graced His presence to Shiva, Maha Lakshmi and Adisesha. The Palasa vanam is none other than Thiru Thetri Ambalam. Then, he revealed himself with his His beautiful red eyes. And that is why He is known as Sengan Mal Ranganathar in Thiruthetri Ambalam.

Shiva performed Ekadasha Rudra Ashwamedha Yagna on this scared land to get rid of Brahmahathya sin.


Thirumangaialwar – 10 Paasurams (1278-87).


Seperate sannidhis is there for Alwars, Chakkrathalwar, Lord Lakshmi Narayana with Goddess Sridevi & Boodevi Nachiyar, Lord Santhana Gopalakrishnan


Thirunangur 11 Garudasevai
Purattasi Uthrattathi Utsavam
Tirumangai Azhwar Mangalaasaasana Utsavam

Quick Facts:

Temple Timings: 6.00AM to 11.AM in the morning and 5.00PM to 8.00PM in the evenings
Contact Person – Sri Rajagopal Bhattar(Satish) 275689 / 94439858843

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