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Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam Concludes (Purattasi Thiruvonam Thirunaal)

Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram1

As part of the ongoing Swami Desikan Purattasi Brahmotsavam at Thiruvahindrapuram Sri Devanathan Sannidhi, today October 13, 2013, Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Thiruvonam Thirunaal was celebrated grandly. Swami Desikan gave darsanam in the beautiful Rathnangi Sevai. Swami Desikan mangalasasanam for Sri Hayagreevar took place in the morning. In the evening, Sri Devanathan and Sri Hemambhujavalli Thayar blessed Swami Desikan at His sannidhi and Satrumurai took place thereafter. With this the 10-day Thirunakshatram Utsavam came to a conclusion today.

The highlight of the utsavam is that it took pace concurrently with the Navarathri Utsavam. When they come together in a year, Swami Desikan gets a special Magalasasana Mariyaadhai (Maalai worn by Sri Devanatha Swamy and His Sri Sataari Mariyaadhai) during Sri Devanatha Swamy’s stay at Sri Thayar Sannidhi for Navarathri Utsavam in the evening. This year Navarathri utsavam started on Day 2 of Swamy Desikan Brahmotsavam. Hence this special treat for Swamy Desikan till Purattasi Sravanam i.e. Thirunakshathram day. Also significant is the fact that Sri Devanathan also gave darsanam in Rathnangi Sevai today. For related photographs, please visit Thiruvahindrapuram Sri Devanathan Sannidhi Navarathri Utsavam: Day 8

For coverage of previous days’ utsavam, please visit http://anudinam.org/tag/thiruvahindrapuram/

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam earlier today…

Day 10 Rathnangi Sevai (Purattasi Thiruvona Thirunaal)

Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram3 Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram4 Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram5 Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram1Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai3 Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Thirunakshatram2Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai Haygreevar Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai Lakshmi HaygreevarThiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan ThirunakshatramThiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai4 Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai5 Thiruvahindrapuram Swami Desikan Rathnangi Sevai6
Photo Courtesy: Sri Janarthanan Gopalan and Sri Vainadeyan

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