Thoopul Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam: Purattasi Thiruvonam Thirunaal (Part1)


Swami Desikan_Kanchi_061

On October 13th, 2013, Purattasi Thiruvonam Thirunaal was celebrated in a grand manner for Swami Desikan at His avathara sthalam of Thoopul Sri Vilakkoli Perumal Sannidhi. Swami Desikan did mangalasasanam for Sri Vilakkoli Perumal in the morning. Thereafter, Swami Desikan had purappadu in Periya Thanga Pallakku to Kanchi Sri Devaperumal Thirukkoil. Significantly, today is the only day when Swami Desikan can be seen in Anjali Hastham for mangalasasamam of Sri Varadaraja Perumal. In the evening, Swami Desikan blessed the devotees from Pushpa Pallakku.

The 10-day utsavam is usually celebrated in a grand manner with Thirveedhi purappadu for Swami Desikan on different vahanams on all the days, both morning and evening. Thoopul is located within 1 km distance from Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal Sannidhi. For detailed pathrigai for the utsavam, please visit:  745th Thirunakshathra Mahothsavam of Swami Desikan at Thoopul

The following are some of the photographs taken on the Thirunakshatram Day…

Swami Desikan_Kanchi_000 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_001 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_010 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_002 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_003 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_004 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_006 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_007 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_012 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_030 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_013 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_014 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_017 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_018 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_019 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_021 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_022 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_025 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_027 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_031 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_028 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_032 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_033 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_034 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_035 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_036 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_037 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_040 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_043 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_045 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_046 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_047 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_048 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_050 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_052 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_053 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_054 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_057 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_070 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_059 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_061 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_064 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_065 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_067 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_066 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_071 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_062 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_073 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_075 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_076 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_077 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_078 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_080 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_082 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_083 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_085 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_086 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_089 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_090 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_095 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_097 Swami Desikan_Kanchi_098

To be continued in Part-2..

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