Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Sannidhi Swami Desikan Utsavam – Day 3


Swami Desikan_Thirukudanthai_02

Vijaya varusha Thirunakshatra utsavam of Swami Desikan commenced on 13th October, 2013 at Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi this year. The 10-day utsavam will conclude on October 22, 2013. Detailed utsava schedule can be read from: Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Utsavam at Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi. Swami Desikan palllakku purappadu will be in the morning and Swami Desikan in various Vahana purappadu will be in the evening. On the Satrumurai Day, Sri Aaravamudhan with Sri Komalavalli Thayar visits Swami Desikan sannidhi, followed by peria Satrumurai.

Today, October 15th 2013, Moondram Thirunaal was celebrated grandly. Purappadu took place in Velli Kamala Vahanam. Some of the photos taken this evening can be viewed below:

Swami Desikan_Thirukudanthai_00 Swami Desikan_Thirukudanthai_01  Swami Desikan_Thirukudanthai_05 Swami Desikan_Thirukudanthai_03Courtesy: Sri Amuthan Kainkarya Sabha

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