Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 1



sa~Nkalpa kalpa latikaam. h avadhiiM xamaayaaH
svechchhaa varaaha mahiShiiM sulabhaanukampaam. h
vishvasya maataram. h aki~nchana kaamadhenum. h
vishvaMbharaam. h asharaNaH sharaNaM prapadye.. 1


AdiyEn without any support seeks the refuge of Bhumi Devi, who is the Mother of the universe and who incarnated as the dear consort of the Lord, who took the form of a divine boar (Varaham) out of His own will (Sankalpam ). She is the boon granting treasure (KaamdhEnu) for those with out any spiritual capital (akinchana KaamdhEnu) and is the limit of forbearance (KashamayA avadhi). She grants the boons requested by us readily out of Her limitless Mercy and soulabhyam (sulaba anukampA). In this context of granting the desired boons, She is like the divine Kalpaka creeper (sankalpa kalpa lathikA).


Among the hierarchy of the wives of the Lord, BhUmi DEvi is second in order, next to MahA Lakshmi. BhagavAn incarnated as VarAhappirAn out of His own wish. In that avathAram, BhUmi DEvi became His divine consort. She is like a Kalpaka creeper in the matter of blessing Her devotees with the desired boons. She stands as the limit of compassion and forbearance in overlooking the transgressions of Her erring and unrepentant children. She grants the desired boons of Her adiyArs readily. She acts as the Mother of the Universe and considers the sentients as Her children. She is like the divine wish-granting KaamadhEnu in the matters of blessing the PrapannAs with their desired wishes (i.e.) Moksham. adiyEn without any other available means of support perform prapatthi to this most illustrious consort of Sri Aadhi VarAha BhagavAn.

The key words of this shlokam are: “aSaraNa: VisvambharAm SaraNam (aham) PrapathyE”. adiyEn is totally helpless. adiyEn has no clue about the means for my rescue from the samsAric afflictions. adiyEn seeks this Ocean of mercy, the limit of forbearance, the Mother of the Universe as my upAyam (means) for ujjeevanam (survival and upliftment from the terrors of this samsAram).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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