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Thiruvallikeni Sri Parathasarathy Perumal Ekadasi Purappadu


Today October 15, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Purattasi Sadayam, Ekadasi Purappadu for Sri Parathasarathy Perumal at Thiruvallikeni took place well. Several bhaktas in and around the area took part in the purappadu. Today is the Pasankusa Ekadasi during this Vijaya Varusha.

For other utsavams at Thiruvallikeni, please visit http://anudinam.org/?s=thiruvallikeni

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_1 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_2 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_3 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_4 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_5 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_6jpg Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_7 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_8 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_9 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_10 Thiruvallikeni_Ekadasi_11Photo Courtesy: Sri Kannan

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