Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 3




nityaM hitaahita viparyaya baddha bhaave
tvadviixaNaika vinivartaya bahu vyapaaye.
mugdhaaxarairakhila dhaariNi modamaanaa
maataH stanandhaya dhiyaM mayi vartayethaaH. 3


Oh Mother BhUmi PirAtti, who holds aloft all the things in this Universe (akhila dhAriNi Maatha:)! Always, adiyEn does not possess the discriminating intellect to identify the auspicious aspects of a doctrine from its inauspicious features (nithyam hitha-ahitha viparyaya bhaddha bhAva:). It is only Your sacred, saving glances, which can remove the sins arising from such ignorance that holds me back from sorting out what is hitham (beneficial and nourishing) and what is ahitham (injurious and destructive) to adiyEn (Thvath VeekshaNa yEka vinivarthya Bahu vyapayE mayi). May Thou out of Your infinite compassion accept my uninformed prattle (mugdha aksharai: sahitham) about Your celebrated Vaibhavam (pratheetha Vaibhavam ThvAm) as that arising from an infant at the stage of breast feeding. You must accept adiyEn’s incoherent prattlings as the Mother, who is delighted at her infant baby’s incoherent utterances (Mayi mugdha aksharai: mOdhamAnA, sthanandhaya dhiyam iva vartha yETA:).

Oh Mother BhUmi, who bears the burden of carrying the entire Universe and its beings! adiyen is totally ignorant about what is auspicious for me and what is injurious to me. adiyEn does not have the analytic faculty to tell them apart. Driven by this deficiency, adiyEn has always ended up considering what is auspicious as amangaLam amd vice versa. As a result, adiyEn has ended up accumulating huge bundles of sins (akruthya karaNa kaaraNa janitha paapa raasis). Those bundles of sins can only be destroyed by Your benevolent glances. In this state of mine, I am unable to organize my thoughts to come up with a coherent and meaningful praise about Your matchless Vaibhavams. As a direct result of this incapability, adiyEn’s speech is incomprehensible like that of a helpless infant at the stage of being nourished with its mother’s milk. Although the mother can not clearly understand the noises that the infant makes, she is mighty pleased to hear the sounds emanating from the toothless mouth of her infant trying hard to communicate. She enjoys the Mazhalai soRkaL (Yaazhinithu Kuzhal inithu yenpAr, makkaL mazhalai soll aRiyAthAr). In a similar manner, Oh Mother BhUmi PirAtti, You should derive pleasure from my incoherent utterances and accept them as emanating from Your dear and well meaning child (“Mama mugdha aksharai: mOdhamAnA sthanandhaya dhiyam varthayETA:”)!

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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