Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 8

thirukkutanthai bhuvarAha perumAL
thirukkutanthai bhuvarAha perumAL
thirukkutanthai bhuvarAha perumAL



smereNa vardhita rasasya mukhendunaa te
nispandataaM vijahato nijayaa prakR^ityaa.
vishraanti bhuumirasi tatva tara~Nga pa~NkteH
veleva viShNu jaladheH apR^ithagbhavantii 8

This shlokam reveals that BhUmi Devi becomes the ultimate boundary for all Tatthvams. The key words in this shlokam are: “VishNu JaladhE: Thvam vElA iva apruTak bhavanthee; Tatthva taranga paknkthE: viSrAnthy BhUmi: asi”.


Oh BhUmi PirAtti! It is but natural for the ocean to rise up, when it sees the Full Moon and yet the ocean will not travel beyond its shores. The waves will be travelling in relentless manner. Similarly, Your Lord shows the behavior patterns of the Moon. For instance, when He sees Your smiling full Moon like face, the ocean of Mercy rises in Him (smErENa tE Mukha indhunA vardhitha rasa:). As a result, He does not sit still but keeps on performing acts that are beneficial to His adiyArs. For Him the Ocean, You stay inseparably as the shores of that Ocean (Thvam vElA iva apruTak bhavanthee). Since You are inseparable from Him (apruTak) and hence He will not do anything against Your will. Like the assembly of waves (Taranga Pankthi:) travel a long distance and break on the boundary of the shore, all the tatthvams end with You and therefore You serve as their limit (end point). For instance, among the hierarchy of Tatthvams like MahAn, ahankAram et al, PruTvee is the last Tatthvam. All the Tatthvams are the body for Your Lord and they do not ever get separated from Him. In this context, Yourself as the last Tatthvam stay with Him always without experiencing any separation.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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