Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 11





kriiDaa varaaha dayite kR^itinaH xitiindraaH
sa~Nkrandanas. h taditare. api dishaamadhiishaaH.
aamodayanti bhuvanaani alika aashritaanaam. h
amba tvada~Nghri rajasaaM pariNaama bhedaiH. . 11

This shlokam describes the soubhAgyams attained by the DevAs from BhUmi Devi’s anugraham. The key words in this shlokam are: “Kruthina: Thvath aLika aaSrithAnAm Thvath angri rajasAm pariNAma bhEdhai: bhuvanAni AamOdhayanthi”. Kruthina: refers to a class of people efficient in the execution of their assigned duties like the Kings of the Earth (Kshithi IndhrA:), Indhran, the king of DevAs (sankrandhana:) and the Lords of the Directions (DisAm adheeSA:). These Kruthina: prostrate before the sacred feet of BhU Devi and have the dust particles transferred onto their foreheads. Those dust particles bless the Kruthina: and transform them to be the fortunate adhikAris that they turn out to be.


Oh Mother! Your Lord performed many wonderous acts, while taking the gigantic form of a VarAham. You were with Him during this time and were the object of His affection. There are many kings who rule their kingdoms efficiently. The kings of directions like IndhrA and others perform their duties and gladden the hearts of the people of the world. One wonders about the reasons for the efficiency /soubhAgyams of the kings and the dEvAs. It becomes clear that these fortunate ones had prostrated before You with their foreheads touching Your sacred feet. During that time, the dust particles from Your sacred feet got stuck to their foreheads. Those dust particles transformed into the powerful insignia of their offices and stayed with them. All these fortunate ones flourish from the power of the dust particles from Your (Bhumi Devi’s) sacred feet.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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