Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 12





bhuuteShu yat. h tvadabhimaana visheSha paatraM
poShaM tadeva bhajatiiti vibhaavayantaH.
bhuutaM prabhuutaguNa pa~nchakam. h aadyameva
praayo nidarshanatayaa pratipaadayanti. . 12

This shlokam instructs us that the BhUmi (PruTvee) becomes prosperous because of BhUmi PirAtti.


Oh BhUmi Devi! The sages have revealed that that any chEtanam or achEtanam that received Your anugraham is blessed with special Iswaryam, Vaibhavam and MangaLams. They have explained that among the Pancha BhUthams (Earth, Water, Agni, Vaayu and AakAsam), Earth (BhUmi) has the first place. Among the five bhUthams, only Earth has the five guNams: Form, Taste, Fragrance, tactile feature and sound (Roopa, Rasa, sparsa, Gandham and dhvani). The other four among the Pancha BhUthams have at best one or two of the above five guNams. One can ask how come PruTvee(Bhumi) alone has these unique, all round distinctions. The answer is that PruTvee, the amsam of Yours has received Your special anugraham and got blessed this way. Learned people have used this example to illustrate that greatness arises for those, who have been blessed with Your anugraham. Oh BhUmi Devi! Those who have been the object of Your special grace (bhUthEshu Yath Thvath abhimAna pAthram), those alone realize great strength and fame (Tath yEva pOsham bhajathi). People who advocate this view cite the Vaibhavam that Pruthvee has among the Pancha bhUthams as a leader by possessing all the five guNams compared to others, which have at best one or two guNams (PrabhUtha guNa panchakam aadhyam yEthath bhUtham).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

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