Brahmotsavam at Australia Sri Venkateswara Temple Concludes


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The Annual Brahmotsavam at Sri Venkateswara Temple, Helensburgh, NSW, Australia took place in a grand manner from October 5th to October 14th, 2013. Brahmotsavam celebrations were started for the first time in 2009 and this is the fourth year in succession. The festival commenced with a Anugai and Vishwaksena Pooja (before the flag hoisting) on October 4th, 2013.

Some of the highlights of the daily programme at the temple, also known as Sri Venkateswara Temple, Sydney, are described as follows. Each day started with a Yagasalai Homam and Poornahuti, followed by Thirumanjanam along with Veda Mantras and Neerattam Pasurangal to Utsavar and Ubhaya Nachiyars. While Alankaram for Utsavar was being done, chanting of Vishnu Sahasranamam, Bhagavat Gita as well as Divya Prabhandham Pasurams were done. This followed by short Veedhi Ula of Sri Sudarshnar (Chakkarathazhwar) first and then Utsavar in alankaram around the temple. Veedhi Purappadu around the temple complex in Pallakku or Vahanam with chanting of Vadhiyangal as well as Pasuram Goshti and Bhajan groups. Finish at noon with Nithya aradhanai, Arathi along with Sattrumurai Goshti. This was followed by Annadhanam or free food sponsored by different groups (such as JET group, Kannada, Kerala, Gujarati, Sri Lankan and so on) every day.

In the afternoon from 2.30-4.00 pm, discourse by Sri Thirukoshtiyur Madhavan on Thiruvenkatamudaiyan Mahimai took place. On Sunday the October 6th, Sangeetha Upanyasam on Prahladha Charithram and Nrisimha Vaibhavam by Sri Dushyant Sridhar who was in Sydney for a couple of days as a part of Australia/ Newzealand tour.

In the afternoon, Yagasalai Poojas commenced from 4.00 – 5.30 pm. Divya Prabhanda Pasurams were chanted near the Yaga Salai. At 6.00 pm, short Veedhi Ula of Sri Sudarshnar (Chakkarathazhwar) first and then Utsavar in alankaram around the temple took place. At 6.30 pm, the full Veedhi Purappadu around the temple complex in Pallakku or Vahanam with chanting of Vadhiyangal as well as Pasuram Goshti. At 7.30 pm, Oonjal Sevai, Raja Ubacharam and Nadeswara Katcheri or classical singing took place. Between 8 – 8:30 pm there was Sarva Darshanam.

Divya Prabhanda Goshti consisted of members of Devotees of Sydney Andal Group, as well as any interested member of the public could join. The Goshti was led by Sri Thirukoshtiyur Madhavan and completed the full 4000 pasurams along with Ramanuja nootrandhadhi, Upadesa Ratnamalai and Thiruvoimozhi Nootrandhadhi during the 10-day Brahmotsavam period.

The following is the detailed schedule for the Brahmotsavam:

  • Day 1: Flag hoisiting (Dwaja arohanam) / Sesha Vahanam in the evening.
  • Day 2: Pallaku Utsavam (morning) / Hamsa Vahanam in the evening.
  • Day 3: Pallaku Utsavam. (morning)/ Muthyala Panthiri Vahanam (evening)
  • Day 4: Pallaku Utsavam (morning) / Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam (evening)
  • Day 5: Mohini Alankaram (morning) / Garuda Vahanam (evening)
  • Day 6: Hanumantha Vahanam (morning) / Gaja Vahanam (evening)
  • Day 7: Choorna (Powder) Utsavam (morning)/ Surya Prabhai Vahanam (evening)
  • Day 8: Vennai Thazhi Krishnar Alankaram (morning) / Ashwa Vahanam (evening)
  • Day 9: Chariot Festival – Rathotsavam & Chakra Snanam (Theerthavari)
  • Day 10: Thiru Kalyana Utsavam (morning)/Pushpa Yagam (afternoon)/Dwaja Avarohanam in evening

The following are some of hte photographs and videos taken during the utsavam…

Brahmotsavam Photographs

Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam1 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam2 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam3 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam4 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam6 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam8 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam9 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam10 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam11 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam12 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam13 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam14 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam15 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam16 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam17 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam18 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam19 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam20 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam21 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam22 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam23 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam24 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam26 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam27 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam28 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam29 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam30 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam31 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam32 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam33 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam34 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam35 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam36 Sydney Sri Venkateswara brahmotsavam37

Brahmotsavam Videos

Dwaja Arohanam:

Sesha Vahanam:

Hamsa Vahanam:

Upanyasam by Sri Dushyant Sridhar:

Photo and Video Courtesy: Sri Ramesh Raghuraman and Ramanuja Dasyai

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