Sundapalayam Sri Srinivasa Varadharaja Perumal Koil Pavithrotsavam


Sundapalayam temple

Vijaya Varusha Pavithrotsavam is scheduled to be performed at Sri Srinivasa Varadharaja Perumal Koil, Sundapalayam, Coimbatore from November 4 to 7, 2013 There will be special Thiruvaradhanam and Homam both in the morning and evening on all days. Veda parayanam and Divya Prabandha Arulichyal will also take place during the Utsavam. Astikas  in and around the area may make it convenient to participate on all the days and get the blessings of Thayar and Perumal.

Courtesy: Sri M.K.Mohan

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