Divya Prabhandam & Swami Desikan Stotrapadam Competition For Children At SVDD Mylapore


Today evening (October 27, 2013),  the prize distribution ceremony for the winners of Divya Prabhandam and Swami Desikan Stotrapadam competition for children was held at Sri Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam (SVDD), Mylapore, Chennai. Sri Vaishnava Sripada Kainkaryam Association organised the competition and the prize distribution ceremony. Sri U.Ve.Vidwan Adoor Aasuri Madhavachariar Swami gave away the prizes to the winners. The trustees of Sri Vedantha Desika Devasthanam were also present. Several participants and winners attended the function. The following are some of the photographs taken earlier in the evening…

SVDD_Prize Distribution_00

SVDD_Prize Distribution_01 SVDD_Prize Distribution_02 SVDD_Prize Distribution_03 SVDD_Prize Distribution_04 SVDD_Prize Distribution_05 SVDD_Prize Distribution_06 SVDD_Prize Distribution_07 SVDD_Prize Distribution_09 SVDD_Prize Distribution_10 SVDD_Prize Distribution_11 SVDD_Prize Distribution_12 SVDD_Prize Distribution_13

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