Vaduvur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple Oonjal Utsavam


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Vijaya Varusha Oonjal Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Kothandararamaswamy Temple, Vaduvur from October 22 to 26, 2013. Several devotees participated in the utsavam and got the blessings of Sita Piratti and Sri Ramar.

During the utsavam, there was purapadu every evening at 6:30 pm followed by Oonjal sevai. Shat (six) upacharam was performed for the Divya Dampathi. Also, daily music program and Bharatanatyam by teachers and students from Natraja Natya Vidyalaya, Mannargudi and Tiruchi Kalai Kavery College students took place.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam…

Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_00 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_01 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_02 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_03 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_04 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_05 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_06 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_09 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_12 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_13 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_18 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_23 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_25 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_26 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_30 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_32 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_34 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_37 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_42 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_44 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_50 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_59 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_60 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_61 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_62 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_63 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_64 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_65 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_66 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_67 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_68 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_69 Vaduvur_Oonjal Sevai_70

Courtesy: Sri Vaduvur Rajesh

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