Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 14

“Sri Ahoila Matam Varahar”

“Sri Ahoila Matam Varahar”



aashvaasanaaya jagataaM puruShe parasmin. h
aapanna raxaNa dashaam. h abhinetu kaame.
antarhitetara guNaadabalaa svabhaavaat. h
audanvate payasi majjanam. h abhyanaiShiiH.. 14

This shlokam is a gem of a shlokam, where Swamy Desikan speculates as to why BhUmi DEvi let Herself be abducted by the asuran HiraNyAkshan and taken to his world below the Ocean. Swamy Desikan describes the anyOnya bhAvam of the dhivya dampathis and the avathAra rahasyams. Swamy Desikan suggests that the Lord of the Universe wished to enact a drama to remind the janthus about His vow to come to the rescue of His aasrithALs, when they were experiencing any danger; BhUmi Devi “conspired” with Him by taking a stand appropriate to Her Lord’s sankalpam. Actually, the drama between VarAha PerumAn and BhUmi Devi was to bless the world with the Laghu UpAyam of VarAha Charama shlokam for the benefit of humanity.


Oh BhUmi PirAtti! Once upon a time, There was an asuran, who took elaborate efforts to lift You on His head to hide You under the waters in His kingdom in PaathALam (neither world). You let that happen although You have the power to protect Yourself without the help of Your Lord. You have ParipoorNa sakthi to destroy that offending asuran. Yet, You acted as though You were powerless and that You were in danger. What could be the reason for Your decision? It is because Your dear consort had some ulterior motive (i-e). , to remind the people of the world about an important Tatthvam to which He is wedded: His rushing to the rescue of His dear ones, when they experienced any danger and for them to be free of fear about His rakshakathvam. He came up with a ruse to remind His aasrithALs about this central doctrine. He enacted in a drama for the the world. He reacted to the scene of His devi being in danger and vowed that that he will take the VarAha roopam to plunge under the waters to rescue Her. Oh BhUmi DEvi! You knew of Your Lord’s scheme. Accordingly, You shrunk Your considerable powers of Jn~Anam and Sakthi (prowess) and acted like a helpless lady, who could not defend Herself. You acted as though You were abducted by the asuran in your “helpless state“. Your Lord followed suit and acted as a rescuer of His “helpless Devi”, plunged into the ocean, destroyed the asuran and “rescued”His dear consort. The adiyArs of the Lord in the world were reassured that the Lord will come to their rescue, when they would experience any distress. The adiyArs are comforted and the Lord goes through all these steps to assure His adiyArs and to comfort them (JagathAm AasvAsanAya).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

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