Singirikudi Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple


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Singarkudi is a famous temple of Lakshmi Narasimha  situated between Pondycherry and Cuddalore.  The temple is replete with puranic lore. Lets us catch a glimpse of its spiritual history.  The presiding deity is Ughra Narasimha with 16 hands. Nimi Chakravarthy belonging to the solar race was endowed with sharp intellect. A devout person he conducted many yagnas and secured many boons from the  Devas. He wanted to perform Indra Yagna for the welfare of mankind. Thus the king approached his guru Vasishta and informed him about  the yagna and also requested Vasishta to conduct the yagna. Since Vasishta was reluctant to perform yagna for Indra  he expressed his inability to perform but assured that he would visit him the following day.

The king however decided  to go ahead  with the yagna with help of Sage Koushika, After conducting the yagna successfully he wanted to take rest and retired to his palace. He ordered his guards not to allow anyone to visit him. At this juncture Sage Vasishta  wanted to have a rendez vous  with the king and asked the guards to allow him into the palace. The guards refused permission. Enraged at this act  the  Sage cursed the king to loose his identity and wander in the atmosphere without a body. The king knew about the Incident and for his part cursed the Sage like wise. The king felt that it is not proper for a Sage to curse anyone while he is asleep. Thus the sage and the king were roaming in the atmosphere without a body aimlessly. All  sages assembled  and wished to perform a yagna to redeem them of the curse. But the king did not  want to assume his normal self instead he wanted to worship God through eyes of mankind.

Sage Vasishta approached his father Brahma and sought his guidance. The four headed Brahma at once asked him to proceed to Singarkudi and do tapas propitiating Narasimha. As suggested by his father the sage went to Singarkudi and attained salvation through penance. The God pleased with his devotion gave darshan to him. This place is called Singarkudi as the presiding deity is  Singaperumal or Narasimha.  The Lord has 16 hands and defies description. The Lords birth star Swathi is celebrated on a grand scale. This is a prarthana sthala.

Temple timings: 7 am to noon; 4.30 pm to 9 pm

Singarkudi Koil is located in Tamil Nadu in Cuddalore District and get its name from the presiding deity, Lord Narasimha. It was also referred as Abhisupakkam ( now rendered as Abhishekapakkam ). This place is located 6 kms away from Pondicherry on Pondy – Cuddalore Bus Route. The ancient name of this place is Krishnaranya Kshetram though people know it popularly as Singarkoil. The Divine Consort is named Sri Kanakavalli Thayar. Vimanam is Paavana Vimanam. The five teertams are: Jamadagni teertam, Indra teertam, Bhargava teertam, Vaamana teertam and Garuda teertam.

In each one of the sixteen hands either an action or a gesture is shown or a weapon is held in the following manner.

To the right : 1. Banner, 2. Sudarsana Disc set to motion, 3. Hand – Dagger, 4. Arrow, 5.Severing the demon’s head, 6.Knife, 7.Holding down Hiranyakasipu’s leg, 8. Tearing out Hiranyakasipu’s intestines.

To the left : 9. Holding up a garland of demon’s intestines, 10. Conch, 11. Shield, 12. Bow, 13. Mace, 14. Severed head, 15. Pressing down Hiranyakasipu’s head, 16. Tearing out Hiranyakasipu’s intestines.

Beneath the presiding deity the following figures are seen. To Lord Narasimha’s left is Nilavati, wife of Hiranya. To the right Prahalada, Sukran and Vasishta.Facing north are small figures of Yoga Narasimha and Bala Narasimha.

Aagamam is Vaikanasam. In Ayindai Stotra Malai, it is stated that Devanatha Perumal of Thiruvahindrapuram is manifest here as Narasimha. Thirumangai Alwar states that it is narasimha who reveals himself as Devanatha. There are separate sannadhis for Andal, Sriraman, Kanagavalli Thayar and Alwars.

This is one of the 8 temples in Tamil Nadu, where Lord Narasimha provided darshan after the killing of Hiranya.
1) Singarakudi near Pondicherry/Cuddalore,
2) Anthili near Thiru Kovilur,
3) Parikkal near Kedilam,
4) Sholingur
5) Nammakkal
6) Singaraperumal Koil near Chengalpet
7) Sinthalavadi.
(8) Poovarasan kuppam

Courtesy: Sri Usha Raja
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